Friday, April 29, 2011

Lose it All Challenge

I know I'm not the only who is trying to watch their weight for this cruise. I lost about 25 pounds for the last cruise, but have since admittedly put a few of those pounds back on. With spring in the air, I'm finding motivation again to get back into my regimen and lose those lost few stubborn pounds.

My friend, Chrissy, and I came up with the idea of doing a friendly weight loss competition leading up to the cruise inspired by the show, the Biggest Loser. We want to make sure we get in shape and shed some weight to look good for our boys (and of course ourselves), all the while having fun doing it. In case you aren't familiar with the show, The Biggest Loser is a reality show where overweight contestants compete for a cash prize by attempting to lose the most weight. We're going to do the same concept but Backstreet style. Hence, the Lose it All Challenge!

We will weigh in once a week with final weigh-in happening right before the cruise. But instead of competing for a cash prize, we are competing for BSB merchandise on the cruise. We're also going to give ourselves BSB related challenges every week to keep it fresh and exciting.

Feel free to join us in the Lose it All Challenge. The cruise is 30 weeks away so here are the first set of challenges:

Week 1: Do the elliptical or a cardio exercise of your choice at least two times this week while listening to the entire This is Us album

Week 2: Time to Honor Nick! Make his favorite home cooked meal. Remember his quote from the last cruise? "My favorite home cooked meal now is dill salmon, in a poached type of salmon with some really cool complex carbohydrate vegetables. Sorry I'm getting scientific with you. With maybe some brown rice on the side instead of 2 high starch type of stuff." Get cooking!

Week 3: Straight Through My Heart Challenge- Do 5 minutes of cardio every morning to STMH before you head to work/school. It’ll get you pumped for the day as well.

Week 4: Get those creative juices flowing and create a healthy dish inspired by the song 'Shining Star'. And don’t forget to tell us what recipes you come up with.

Week 5: Time to Honor Brian! Go grab that basketball out of your basement and shoot some hoops.

Week 6: Go green for Nick. And I don’t mean for the environment. Green is Nick’s favorite color (or at least it used to be) so eat a different green vegetable each day of the week for Mr. Carter.

Week 7: Learn the dance to a BSB song. I cant think of a better way to enjoy exercising. And no, you can’t pick a song/dance like This is Us. That’s cheating. It must have a fast beat with lots of dance moves.

Week 8: Time to Honor AJ! Follow in AJs sober footsteps by refraining from all alcohol this week. Beer has a ton of unnecessary calories and mixed drinks are full of sugar.

Week 9: The Backstreet Boys have been together for 18 years. That means every day you’ve got to do 18 crunches, 18 jumping jacks, 18 lunges, and 18 push ups.

Week 10: Beautiful Woman Week. Time to reward yourself after you’ve been working hard for 10 weeks. Hit the spa and treat yourself to a massage or go get a cute new outfit to celebrate the pounds you’ve lost. Just don't reward yourself with food. That would defeat the purpose.

Week 11: Time to Honor Howie! Make a healthy latin dish for dinner this week. That means no cheese or sour cream. Try substituting greek yogurt for sour cream or use avocados to get the healthy kind of fat.

Week 12: Black and Blue week. Take out some stress by trying a kickboxing class at your local gym.

Week 13: Nick's Grocery Store Challenge. My favorite Q&A question of last year's cruise was when a fan asked the guys if they sing along to their own songs on the radio. Nick responded: “It’s so funny because I don’t ever hear it on the radio. I hear it in the grocery store... so I have to listen to it while I’m buying milk” So before you go to the grocery store this week, make a list of lots of healthy foods to buy. Stick to this list and don't make those impulse purchases strolling through the cookie isle. Just smile and think of Nick to help you resist.

Week 14: Pop your favorite Backstreet Boy video in your DVD player. Maybe its the Disney special or it could be Night out with the Backstreet Boys. Whatever it is, you must lift free weights, do stretches, or keep yourself active while watching.

Week 15: ‘Hold the pickles, Hold the Lettuce, Special Orders Don’t Upset Us…’ Even though the Backstreet Boys endorsed Burger King, we will not. No fast food this week. If you must, go to a healthy fast food place instead like Subway.

I ate there so much during that time to get all the BSB goodies

Even if you don't want to participate, I need everyone's help to help me come up with more challenges!

I've never been so excited to diet in my life. My first weigh-in was tonight and I'll keep you posted on my progress. Wish me luck, I want to win some good merch on the cruise.


  1. this is kinda exciting!!! it might even get me motivated cause i work much better with specific challanges than the general one of dropping some pounds...haha!! do we win bsb merch?!? and when exactly does this start??? right now??? should i head over to the park with my this is us cd???

    ps- my fav is week 7!!! i am determined to learn the dtotl choreo from dwts...haha!!

  2. Glad you like our idea! I'm not yet sure how to open this challenge up to the public because as I started to think more I can see it getting tricky, especially since we want to have prizes involved. I can't figure out how to have everyone chip in for the prize (as I dont exactly want to pay for it all on my own :P) and then accurately monitor people so they don't cheat. I may just have to make it an unofficial challenge where people can participate on their own along with us.

    I'm planning on having week 1 start this upcoming Friday. I've gotta get myself back in the groove of things first. Im sooo out of shape. ;)

    But if you're truly interested in joining, send me an email at and I'll see if the other girls wouldn't mind if you join our group. We need all the support and motivation we can get :)