Monday, September 12, 2011

Meeting the Backstreet Boys- Part 2

As a follow up to my previous post, I wanted to add on a little more info about meeting the Backstreet Boys on board, more specifically approaching them. Is it okay to approach them? When is it ok? Who is the easiest to approach? You know, all these plaguing questions that keep you up at night. Okay, maybe it’s just me.

Of all the fans I met, it seems like everyone has a different perspective on when it’s okay to approach a Backstreet Boy. I’d have to say that most fans were very respectful of their space, though there will always be exceptions. Most fans go with the golden rules and don’t bother when they’re eating or with their family (though I did see fans still do that). I think I fall somewhere in the middle. I don’t consider myself a stalker fan that waits outside of the bathroom for them to finish peeing (and yes people did that). But if I know AJ is in the club in the DJ booth, you know I’m going to have to check it out.

For me it’s all about common sense. Some fans approach them for pictures right after their photo shoot session and get upset when they say ‘no.’ I don’t blame them for not wanting to do a picture after just posing for hundreds of pictures. Plus they will be extra busy this cruise and will not have as much down time. On the last trip I was next in line for a picture with Howie but he had to run to rehearsal or to an event. I didn’t want to be pushy so I let him go. I also try to feel them out. If I see they are receptive to being around fans at the moment, I’ll jump in line for my shot at getting a pic. As I noted in my previous post, I’m usually just too shy to go up to them by myself. I guess it’s just fear of rejection.

A big part of approaching a Backstreet Boy is which one you are trying to approach. I can only speak for my experiences on the ship, but it seemed to me that AJ was the most accessible and open to interacting with fans last year. He’s the only one in the club who left the VIP area to actually come out and dance with us. He even grabbed the mic and told everyone in the room to get in line for a picture. None of the other Backstreet Boys did stuff like this. Even in the casino during his free time, he was chatting it up with all the fans around. He didn’t have to do any of this. From my perspective Howie and Brian were probably your next best shot at catching a Backstreet Boy and were equally approachable. Both would do stop and do pictures if they had the time. I felt that they did enough to satisfy the fans, but just didn’t go above and beyond like AJ.

Unfortunately for me, Nick was probably the least approachable of the group. I caught Nick by himself as I was walking to the buffet, I was really the only one around and he still wasn’t able to stop. Before I could even get 2 words out of my mouth, his body guard was yelling “no pictures.” I also heard stories that in Key West when it was just him and less than 5 girls around, he still wouldn’t do pictures. I certainly don’t hold it against him, he obviously can’t take a picture with every person on the ship. But this seemed to be a theme from most fans who tried to interact with him.


  1. when you say the photo shoot are you saying everyone gets one pic with all of them?!

  2. Yes, last year everyone did get a picture, but a group picture. So it will be all 4 of the boys + 8 fans. Certainly no individual picture, but I can't complain :P