Wednesday, September 7, 2011

You Know You’re Going on a BSB Cruise When...

I thought this list might be fun. Hopefully I’m not the only one that these apply to!

You Know You're Going on a BSB Cruise When:

  1. You check all the BSB cruise websites/twitters/forums multiple times a day
  2. You go to the mall and see a cute new outfit thinking “that would look great on the cruise”
  3. Your family and non-BSB friends are sick of hearing you talking about the cruise
  4. You feel an instant connection with another fan when you find out they’re going on the cruise too
  5. You’ve made new friends solely because of the cruise
  6. You spend hours and hours planning out your door decoration for a contest which they technically haven’t announced yet
  7. You find yourself day dreaming about what it would be like to run into Brian by the pool; AJ in the casino; Nick in the gym; or Howie at the buffet.
  8. You have Rose Tours phone number memorized and/or you practically know the entire Rose Tour staff by name
  9. You’ve seen the cruise teaser trailer at least 50 times by now
  10. You get super excited whenever you see the boys tweet about the cruise
  11. You have to cut back on your spending in other area to be able to afford this trip
  12. You had already planned out a white outfit for the possibility of it being a theme night
  13. You find yourself unnecessarily stressing about where your seats are in the lounge for the events
  14. You know who your cruise neighbors are
  15. At any given time you can recite exactly how many days are left until the cruise *cough* 85 days *cough*
  16. You’ve gone on a diet with the main driving force to look good for BSB on this cruise
  17. You’re already dreading December 6th
  18. Your productivity at work has decreased dramatically due to planning out the cruise instead
  19. You willing to spend a ridiculous amount of money on a new camera solely to take good pictures on the cruise
  20. You’ve watched countless videos on youtube of the last Backstreet cruise in order to get pumped for the upcoming one
  21. You’re already thinking about which BSB you want to stand next to for the meet and greet picture
  22. You’ve actually had dreams in some capacity about the cruise
  23. You've already started a packing list
  24. Whenever you see a Carnival commercial you get so excited thinking about the BSB cruise
  25. You find yourself trying to weave the cruise into any conversation, no matter how unrelated
  26. You've had numerous people call you crazy when you tell them that you're going on this cruise

What else can you all come up with?


  1. Love it! I relate to it 99%

  2. good one and i totally agree with this

  3. LOVE THIS!!!

    how about this one: you have long discusions about which individual event you would go to if they were all at the same time

  4. - when you are already buying clothes for the cruise and saving them for those days!!!( You won't dare to put them even once before LOL)