Tuesday, September 27, 2011

More Cruise Giveaway Contests

It seems like every time I turn I around there is another cruise giveaway contest being announced. Here's a few more contests that you can enter in case you're not already registered. And if you are already registered, pass them along to a deserving friend.

Ticketmaster has a contest through facebook and they are giving away an ocean view cabin for 2, meet and greet with the Backstreet Boys, round trip flight to Miami, hotel and $300 spending money.

Sign up for the Ticketmaster Cruise Contest

Ryan Seacrest is also doing a similar contest except they are giving the winner the ability to take 3 guests in 2 cabins, an exclusive meet and greet as well as access to the sound check party.

Be sure to read all those Ts and Cs. Good luck to those entering!

On a more selfish sidebar, as someone who signed up for the cruise in the first hour during the pre-presale, I almost feel like I'm being punished for signing up early. It just starts to irk me that people who will win some of these contests will not only get a free cruise, free flights, free hotel but now they are getting extra spending money, an exclusive meet and greet with the boys AND access to the sound check. I feel like they should give these extra perks to fans who sign up early in order to encourage more people to sign up as paying guests, rather than give away all this stuff for free. I apologize for the negativity and I know I'm biased, but after all its my blog so I get to post my opinion. What do you all think about all the contests- do you agree with me or am I just being overly jealous?


  1. i 100% agree with you!!!...its not fair at all...where is my chance to win access to the sound check party????

  2. I agree with you, especially about the meet and greet. So if they have another cruise next year, I have my strategy now : enter all the cruise contests & not book until the last minute. =/

  3. I understand where,you are coming from but Im sure that a lot of the people signing up cant afford to go on the cruise or flight and all that.

  4. I won the twitter campaign...all I won was the ticket onto the cruise and the room. I don't get a M&G and non of my travel is included - lucky enough to have an awsome cruise mate who offered to pay for that stuff if I took her. So while I feel super lucky to have won, I also feel slightly jipped - is that awful?