Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Brittany's Review

I wanted to post another amazing cruise review for you all. Brittany is an AJ girl from North Carolina and she's been a Backstreet fan for 15 years. She wrote a fantastic recap of her cruising experience. I've included a few excerpts below, but be sure to check our the full review on her blog! And keep those reviews coming ladies. Email me your stories and I'll post your story next.

"Just to let you know how close (and visible) the area was in which we were standing, the Boys were singing along to some song… and I had my hands up dancing (just because I could!) and Nick came over to sing in our direction. Now, I have never been a Nick girl (please, don’t throw things… I think I just prefer to go for those who are more… eccentric, like our resident Bad Boy). But for 15 seconds, Nick Carter won my heart on this cruise. In the middle of singing (I wish I could remember that song), he pointed at me, winked and flashed that poster child smile. I actually found myself checking to see if it was for another screaming Nick fiend next to me. Nope; Nick and I had made the most unlikely (unintentional) connection. And that, my friends, is the kind of moment I want to have with a Backstreet Boy."

"Well, when Kev walked onto that beach, I finally felt that magic. I had no idea how I would feel about him being there, or about the possibility of him coming back (yes, y’all, it’s going to happen- and I always said he’d never come back for real). I was happy to see him, and I am excited about the idea of him recording on  the next album with the Boys. I guess I always looked at Kev as a father figure (afterall, he was my mom’s favorite for the longest time… it wasn’t cool to have the same favorite Boy as my mom—sorry, mom). But he is so playful and energetic. He really seemed to enjoy being there, and he seemed to appreciate all the love he received (and he gave it right back). I am happy that Kevin came to the beach party with us; it was a once-in-a-lifetime kind of feeling."

"It’s amazing to me the power that those men have over us. Throughout the two-hour show, I saw laughter, tears, dancing, singing and a room full of people who, despite differences and language barriers, all came together for one purpose: to show love and respect for the band who will forever have our hearts. That concert made the cruise (activity wise) worthwhile for me."

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