Monday, December 5, 2011

Welcome Home

Just got home after, what can only be described as, the best 3 days ever!! Wow, did all of that just go down?! Half of me is still running on all the adrenaline but the other half is begging for sleep. Right now I have to give into the tired half. So pardon me while I literally go crash in my bed.

But keep checking back. I promise once I catch up on work and sleep you can expect a full day by day review, pictures, videos, my top moments of the cruise, favorite quotes, and a whole bunch of other fun post-cruise entries. Trust me, they’ll be good.

I also want to hear all about your experiences as well! Email me with your favorite memories. I’d love to hear from you and post your review if you'd like.


  1. I'm so jealous you got to go on this! Going on a BSB cruise is my goal! I really hope they do a 2012 one! When I found your blog I was too excited because it gave such a clear description and info of the cruise (and other fun things too) that I really, really want to go on one!

  2. Hi Laura, I've been reading your blog about the backstreet cruise and I really enjoy it. It makes me feel that I have been on the cruise too. It seems that the bsb cruise 2012 is awesome.

  3. I with I could have gone this year, hopefully I can go next year. Can't wait to read about all the fun things that happened during this cruise.

  4. i really would like to attend a future cruise myself. i do have a question though. can you estimate how much total you spent on the cruise (just the cruise, and not the disney world stuff). I'd kinda like to have an idea of what i'd need to save up. thanks!