Sunday, December 25, 2011

Complete that Tune Game

Now that the cruise is over and excitement has died down a bit, I decided to come up with a little game for us to get to know each other even better. This is also my way of keeping busy today, as I don't celebrate Christmas. I'm not so creatively calling the game- Complete that Tune. Basically I took Backstreet lyrics but crossed out a certain word or phrase. Then I plugged in my own answer. Make sense? If not, read below and you should be able to figure out.

Hey Mr. DJ, Play that song for me (Hey Mr. DJ)
The One- If I were in a club i'd request this song.
Without you I don’t think I could live (All I Have to Give)
My boyfriend, family, and friends.
I may run and hide when you screaming my name (Larger than Life)
I start to witness drama unfolding. I don't like dealing with drama!
I feel in heaven when I look in your eyes (Get Down)
I'm at a Backstreet Boy concert. All my problems seem to disappear for those few short hours.
Sometimes I wish I could turn back time (Quit Playin’ Games)
Fly! How cool would that be?
People say I'm crazy and that I am blind (As Long as You Love Me)
Creative and organized. Both excellent traits to ensure a wild night out on the town (note the sarcasm)
If you want it to be wild gotta know just who to dial baby (If You Want it to be Good Girl)
Give me a long island iced tea. One of those and I'm GONE!
Everyday, girl, I wake up and pray (If I Don’t Have You)
Make my bed and make a healthy, tasty breakfast. Well, as healthy as I can make it.
I never thought that I would lose my mind (Show me the Meaning of Being Lonely)
Actually have a job that I enjoy. I was always afraid I'd hate my job when I became an adult, but now that I have it, its really not that bad.
Cuz mom you always were the perfect fan (The Perfect Fan)
Dad. I feel bad crossing out mom, because she has been been supportive in her own way. But my dad never once complained about taking me to see BSB or any of my other crazy adventures.
I've never been so satisfied with anything in my entire life (Shining Star)
Cherries. Hate them and anything with cherry flavoring. I don't know how people enjoy it, it tastes like medicine. I gag just thinking about it.
Remember those days when we would sing at the drop of a dime (Time)
Have our parents take us to the Backstreet concerts because we weren't old enough to drive? I remember my poor dad sitting outside of venues many nights because he'd rather sit there than inside watching the concert.
I just want you to know that I've been fighting to let you go (Just Want You to Know)
I know American Sign Language. When I sing along to the Backstreet Boys, i usually sign the song as well.
Everybody knows that I was such a fool to ever let go of you (Crawling Back to You)
Love cruising. Anytime anyone I know goes on a cruise or has questions about it, they come to me because they view me as some sort of expert.
I still care about you (I Still)
Sleep with my cabbage patch doll. Her name is dolly and she's awesome. Don't judge me.
And I'm not rational when I see you around (Panic)
I'm hungry or sleepy. I get so cranky and it's very evident.
So every day I try a little harder to forget her (Trouble Is)
Lose weight and be healthy. Something I've always struggled with but I'm making slow and steady progress.
When nobody's around you say that you love me (Treat me Right)
I usually lay in bed and watch reruns of Friends doing crossword puzzles. I know it sounds strange, but I find it very relaxing.
No ones less humbled than I (Bigger)
Of a Backstreet fan?
I think I wanna stay single (Bye Bye Love)
In the Washington, DC area. A lot of my friends have moved away but I like it here. Maybe one day I'll be adventurous and move, but for now I wanna stay here. The city has a lot to offer.
If I knew then what I know now I wouldn't have said I don't need you around (If I Knew Then)
Would've invested in Google stock. On a more serious note though, I also would've made a better effort to know my grandparents before they passed.
Shorty don't know who I am, she don't know I'm a celebrity (She’s a Dream)
11th Generation American. My family has been here in the US for a long time.
Because I know that you want to see the world (International Luv)
Greece. Lyric doesn't exactly work....but I really want to go to Greece. Seems just beautiful over there and I love me some gyros.

Okay, your turn!! Don't feel like you have to answer all of them, just do the ones you'd like to.

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