Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Chrissy's Top 10 Moments

Today I'm featuring another guest blogger, and she was one of my favorite people on the ship (besides the Backstreet Boys of course :P) It's my cruise roommate, Chrissy! She is a huge Brian fan from Indiana and she's also a big University of Kentucky fan. I'd recommend you check out her amazing Backstreet Blog if you already haven't because she's been chronicling her experiences on SS Backstreet among other BSB experiences. But today she's done something special for us and recounted her top 10 memories of the cruise for us. So enjoy!

10.  Kevin singing "Drowning" during the concert - So any of the three times Kevin sang with the group was great but I think this was the best because only those in B Group got to hear it.  Plus, it was a total surprise when Kevin came out onto that stage during our concert.  We knew he was going to be at the Beach Party when he sang "Helpless When She Smiles" and at the deck party when he sang "I Still."  My one wish...that my good friend Tammy would have been there to see it.  She is a Kevin girl and "Drowning" is her favorite BSB song.

Drowning with Kevin

9.  Pajama Jam Night - I loved everything about this "deck" party.  I thought that the location in the atrium was great and this is what I remember the deck parties from last year being like...interaction with the Backstreet Boys not only during their official games but in between with them singing and dancing along to songs.  We, as Backstreet fans, saw the group do things that I know I never imagined I would ever see when I became a fan 13 years ago...Brian crowd surfing and doing the worm along a bar, Nick getting massaged by fans, Howie getting up close and personal with a pillow, and AJ getting tickled by fans.  It was by far leaps and bounds better than I could have ever imagined!

I still can't believe Brian crowd-surfed

8.  Nick standing next to me at Cameo - One minute I was standing there and the next minute Nick Carter was standing next to me!  A friend's mom had told us to move down because a large spot had cleared next to us.  When I looked, I saw Nick heading our way...which is why the spot had cleared out.  I was getting my camera ready to take photos of him as he went by and then he just stopped and stood against the railing right next to me!  I didn't really know what to do and by the time I got done fumbling around with my camera to take a photo of the two of us, he was gone.  I do have to say that I have never been so scared while standing next to a Backstreet Boy because I thought I was going to go right over that railing.

Anytime there is a Backstreet Boy within touching distance, it is going to be a highlight!
7.  A Photo With Howie - Laura and I promised each other on the first night of this cruise that we would not let each other go to bed until we were 100% sure we were not going to miss something.  Our lack of sleep paid off when Laura and I ran into Howie outside of the casino during 80s night.

Staying up until all hours of the morning definitely pays off
6.   A Photo With Kevin - We did not want to see Kevin leave when he said goodbye to everyone at the deck party.  Someone in our group had a brilliant idea of going down to where he would have to debark...which paid off.  I got my photo with Kevin, even though it is blurry.  However, the "prom" dress I am wearing is actually my wedding dress.  Who else can say they've got a photo with a Backstreet Boy in their wedding dress and him in a tux (other than their wives)???  This girl can!

5.   Up Close and Personal With AJ and Nick - On the last night, I was one among the 50 fans or so that was able to be present behind the pizzeria when AJ and Nick decided to have a small private up close and person session.  I know Laura has already talked about this in her blog and I am going to also refrain from discussing anything that was said during this time.  But it was amazing to be able to witness something so personal with my friends.

4.  Brian singing "Mary Did You Know" - The pure, raw emotion that Brian showed when he sang this song was just amazing.  I've seen him get into songs before but never at this level.  The audience was completely quiet and focused purely on him and this song.  While I bought his version of the song when it came out on iTunes, nothing will ever beat hearing it on that ship, with him in tears.  If he would not have influenced me to become a Christian back in 2006, it might have happened at that point instead.

Most definitely worth another watch

3.  My photo op with Brian at the Wylee party.  This is when Brian first called me "Kentucky Girl" after our discussion about University of Kentucky basketball.  He had actually first complimented me on the necklace I was wearing, but the conversation then shifted to the UK wallet I had in my hand. 

2.  My Pre-Cruise VIP - First, I was one of the lucky fans to be able to get a VIP for my and my cruise roommates.  It was my first picture ever next to Nick.  Brian once again called me "Kentucky Girl."

Meeting the Backstreet Boys at Cameo
1.  My Cruise Photo - It had been three days since I had actually made one on one conversation with Brian.  However, when he went to go shake my hand, he said that it was good to see "Kentucky Girl" again and I about died.  I simply put my hands ver my heart and replied, "You remembered," like a love sick 15 year old.  I wasn't wearing anything Kentucky (although I was wearing Wylee) and did not say a think about he remembered this completely on his own.  When we actually went to go take the photo, Cort and I wrapped our arms around him.  He said "Oh, their holding me,"  and giggled, which showed up great in our group photo.

It was hard just to chose ten moments that were amazing for me on the cruise.  For me, this cruise was better than last year's because of the people I was with and the decisions that I made to make it a better cruise.  I regretted missing some things last year and the group of girls I was with this year were absolutely amazing!  If you want to check out the rest of my favorite moments make sure you check out my blog, From the First Day.

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  1. love your top 10 chrissy!!! i cant wait for the rest of your cruise recaps!!! =)