Monday, May 9, 2011

8 Things I Plan on Doing the Same for Cruise 2011

So I shared with you all what I plan on doing differently for the next cruise, so I figured I’d also share what I want to make sure I do again.

  1. Try new foods: This isn’t exactly Backstreet Boy related, but last cruise I tried new foods that I wouldn’t normally otherwise try. After all, its free, so if you don’t like it you’re not out the money. Last year I tried some new stuff which I really enjoyed and I want to make sure I do that again.
  2. Get to Miami early: It’s just too stressful traveling the morning of the cruise. Any number of things could happen like the random freak airport fire in Miami. It’s just not worth it, especially in December one would expect potential weather delays. You never know what will happen so I plan on getting there early.
  3. Not a lot of alcohol: I did have a few drinks on the last cruise (mainly when they were free) But I found I had an absolutely amazing time without drinking. I didn’t need it and it saved me a bunch of money and a hangover the next morning. So, I don’t think I’ll be drinking a lot on the 2011 cruise either.
  4. Take advantage of the Fan Club: I met so many great people on the BSB fan club before the cruise, that I already recognized so many faces by the time I stepped on the ship. I went up to people to say hi (although some I accidentally got wrong…oops lol) and I had people come up to me to say hi. I will definitely be doing that again.
  5. Look Presentable: At all times! Maybe I wasn’t great about this last time, but considering how I normally look on vacation I was doing pretty well. You never know when you may run into a Backstreet Boy and if they are willing to take pictures. I happened to luck out that Brian was posing with fans right when we came on board after lunch, before we even had time to get to our cabin. Good thing I wasn’t wearing my usual sweats.
  6. No Cell Phone: As soon as we sailed away from Miami I turned my phone off and didn’t really turn it back on until we arrived back in Miami. It was so nice not to have to check in with work and the rest of the outside world. I also didn’t get slammed with any crazy roaming charges. But what I may do is get a larger text plan for that month. I was texting everyone like crazy those days leading up to the cruise and those first few hours on the ship. Mainly because I was in BSB overload.
  7. Decorate my Door: I had so much fun last time decorating the door and I felt like I came up with a pretty unique idea. It definitely felt nice to have people acknowledge my work, even though the Backstreet Boys themselves didn’t. Plus I felt like this was a great way to meet your neighbors because people were decorating those doors all around the same time.
  8. Plan Outfits Ahead of Time: Once we got the itinerary, it was very easy to see what you would be doing at each point during the day so I could determine what I wanted to wear and when I would change. I found this to be very helpful because it helped me pack exactly what I needed- no more no less. I also didn't waste time on the cruise pouring through all of my clothes deciding what to wear for any given event because I had already tried on my clothes and knew ahead of time what I was wearing. It worked out very well for me last time and its one less thing to stress about while on board.

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