Thursday, May 5, 2011


The first cruise had tons of great merchandise, rather overpriced, but what else would you expect when it comes to BSB? I spent $130 on merch, only leaving with 3 items. I bought the This is Us hoody (since I regretted not getting it on tour) a cruise t-shirt and the towel. Side note- I mistakenly told my boyfriend how much I spent on my hoody, and he will now tease me every time I wear it to be careful not to ruin my ‘super expensive sweatshirt.’
When it comes to merchandise, there’s only a few things you need to be aware of. I felt that the hours of the store were very limited, but this could have been a limitation of the half charter. Due to that, the lines were almost always very long. They had everything spread out in the library, which was a tiny room that could accommodate around 10 people comfortably. The problem is that you are browsing and potentially trying on clothes, so the line moves rather slowly.

However its worth going earlier on in the cruise and waiting the extra time in line because you will have a greater selection in terms of items and sizes of clothing. I found that select items had run out by the end of the cruise, most notably the tote bag. Most of the shirts sizes ran from small to XL, but the white cruise t-shirt ran to XXL. So if you are in the market for a size that’s more uncommon, definitely make sure you get your shopping done early in the cruise.

While I don't have any insight into what will be available on the 2011 cruise, in case you were wondering here is what they had available on the 2010 cruise and the associated costs:

White T-Shirt: $35
Light blue Baby doll T-Shirt: $40
Tank top with picture of sunset: $35
White Cruise Hoody with the burnout material: $50
Gray Hoody (Same as on This is Us tour): $65
Gray cruise Hoody: $65
Beach Towel: $30
Tote Bag: $15
Shot glass: $12
Photo album: $20
White Baby Doll T-Shirt ‘Straight Through My Heart’: $35
Silver Baby Doll T-Shirt ‘This is Us’: $35
Black Baby Doll T-Shirt with a bulls eye: $35
Pink Tank Top: $35
Purple Baby Doll T-Shirt: $35
Hat: $35
Cup: $10
Keychain from This is Us: $5
Glossy 8x10 in color: $5
Glossy 8x10 in black and white: $5
Program from This is Us: $20
Laminate: $15
Dog Tag with ‘Soldier Down’: $15
Stickers: $5
Pack of 6 buttons: $10
This is Us CD: $20
Millennium Platinum Frame: $325
Black & Blue Platinum Frame: $325
BSB Cruise Towel

BSB Cruise T-shirt

This is Us Hoody (My fave!)

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  1. I am loving the towel! I am so excited about 2011 cruise and your blog is amazing! xXx