Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I Have an Idea

The New kids just got back from their cruise and I was reviewing their itinerary. I noticed that many of the members did their own events like Donnie for example did a poker tournament. 90 players were selected and the winner got to play Donnie at midnight.

But this got me thinking. I feel like it would be a good idea to have each of the Backstreet Boys host their own event. Last year all of the official events included all 4 members. I’m not suggesting we take away those group events, but add these individual events on top of it. So it would add 4 more things for us to do, but it would require significantly less time for the guys than having them all doing 4 more events. So it’s really a win/win. Another approach is if all the guys hosted their own event at the same time, and then we could pick which one we wanted to go to. Or maybe it would have to be assigned to avoid chaos. But regardless, I feel like it would give you the opportunity to spend some time with your favorite Backstreet Boy in a more intimate setting since theoretically it would only be a quarter of the ship instead of the usual half. I know I’m rambling here, but hopefully this makes sense to someone other than myself.

So anyway, then I got thinking some more. What would each BSB do as their event? I thought the poker tournament would be appropriate for AJ. He seemed to spend quite a bit of time at the casino last year playing black jack. He closed that casino down at 4am. I'm kind of surprised they didn’t keep it open later for him. I feel like Brian could do a similar type of tournament for Basketball since he loves it so much and was even playing on the ship last year with his son. If he did this, I’d better hit the court and start practicing now. I can’t score a basket to save my life. Maybe Howie could teach us some salsa dancing. Help us learn some of those infamous hip moves. Only problem with this is that I suspect there won’t be too many men for us to have as dance partners. Heck, I’d enjoy for any of them to do a dance class. Who better to teach us classic BSB dance moves than BSB themselves!

Meanwhile Nick could do a health seminar or something. Teach us what he does to stay healthy. I would be very interested to see what Nick has to say on this topic. I have trouble maintaining a healthy lifestyle and I have a relatively normal 9-5 job. I don’t know how he does it on tour being away from home all the time. I would actually be really interested to hear from their manager, Jen, as well. In general I like those behind the scenes stories. I’m sure she does a ton of stuff for the group that we don’t even realize is going on and I think she’d have a really unique perspective on everything. So not that I would choose Jen over a Backstreet Boy…but you know what I mean. I just feel like the possibilities are endless on what the guys could come up with for their individual events.

So these are the types of things I think about on my commute to and from work... Can you come up with any other fun solo events?

Now if only I worked for Rose Tours and could actually make this happen…


  1. omg...if any of them taught a dance class i would die!!!...well i wouldnt really die...but you know what i mean!!!...it would be a dream come true...im getting excited just thinking about the possibility...haha!!! =)

  2. I think those are good ideas! You should email Rose Tours just to see what they say!!