Friday, May 20, 2011

Aren’t they Grandparents Yet?

Sorry for bad quality pic but you get the idea

Perhaps my title has confused you, but if you’re anything like me you are probably just as excited about the Backstreet Boy cruise as I am. And assuming you are just as excited as me, I’m sure you have told many people about it. Well, I have heard every reaction under the sun, both positive and negative about my trip so I thought I'd share some of the more memorable reactions. My favorite is when I told my dad the first time around and he responded with “Aren’t they grandparents yet?” One of my coworkers evoked a similar response with “Aren’t they as old as dirt?” I always calmly reply back with a gentle “No, they are all in their 30s” I have come to expect these responses, but I don’t let it bother me one bit.

I think the most popular response I get is “Are they still around?” Again, I have to point out that while they are one member down, they are still around putting out albums and touring around the world. I also tell these people that they are about to start a massive tour with New Kids on the Block. They are very much still around! There’s another whole group of people I tell who just can’t fathom I’d spend that much money on a essentially a 3 day cruise. My boyfriend falls into this category. He has been very supportive of all my Backstreet antics. Sometimes I don’t know how he puts up with it all. So while he does encourage me to go on these trips and have a good time, he just cant get past the cost. I think this is what shocks most everyone I tell. But then again, sometimes it shocks me as well.

One response I get quite often is people just laugh at me, probably because they don’t know what else to say. I used to be more embarrassed about being a Backstreet Boy fan, especially when I was younger and still in school. But I’m at the point where I don’t care. Let people laugh. When I tell people who obviously don’t get why on earth I would go on a Backstreet Boy cruise, I turn it around on them. I say “Well, I know you are passionate about [insert what that person is passionate about]. I bet if there was a theme cruise for that, you would go.” This usually shuts most people up because it gets them excited about the idea of their own themed cruise. Whether its sports, another musician, a TV show, or even a famous clothes designer most everyone has SOMETHING they are passionate about. I find this tactic helps put it into perspective for most people and helps them relate to how excited I am.

More often than not, I get the negative responses. However I do occasionally get people who are really excited for me and even a smaller group who wish they could come. It is when I point out the price tag that they quickly back down so I have yet to convince anyone to actually go. I think a lot of people still have fond memories of I Want it That Way and All I Have to Give, so they do get really excited when I tell them about the trip. For those who will listen, I love sharing all the great experiences I had last time around. I’m very lucky that my boss is in this group of people. I was hesitant on coughing up the money the first time around and she really encouraged me to go because she knew it would be such a good opportunity and memorable experience (which it was!)

So, what sort of reactions do you get when you tell people about the cruise?


  1. for the most part people are excited for me because they know how much I love the boys...I do get the occasional eye roll but that's from people I don't really know too well...and I tend not to tell people how much I'm spending on no one comments about that...

    its great that your coworkers are supportive of you...mine are too!...when I first started working in '07 I kept my obsession pretty quiet...but little by little eveyone became aware of how crazy I am when it comes to my I don't care who knows...I have the calandar hanging in my cube and my cruise pic as my desktop background..and they all help me come up with door dec ideas...and they sing bsb...I even brought someone from work to a concert last summer!...they're all fans now!!!...haha!!!

  2. My best friend isn't a BSB fan at all, but he's the on who convinced me to go on this cruise. He knows how much i love the boys and how much it means to me...
    At work my boss is a bit jealous as she would love to go too. But we're working with horses and can never leave both at the same time. She's really great with my fandom as she allows me to get time off for any BSB event, I can listen to all their CDs while working etc...