Friday, June 17, 2011

If I had an Extra $200

Well, If I had an extra $200 I'd probably end up spending it all on the NKOTBSB tour and it wouldn't even make it to December... But for argument's sake let's say I exercise some self control and have an extra $200 by the time December rolls around.

What I noticed last year is that there are a lot of extras associated with the cruise that inevitably ended up costing me a lot more than I budgeted for. I know for many of you, this cruise is already causing a strain on your budget and you won’t necessarily have the luxury to splurge on every aspect of the cruise. There are going to be temptations around every corner for extra spending. So if for some lucky reason I find myself with an extra $200 to put towards the cruise here are a few ways I came up with for spending that money:

  • Extend the trip and spend extra time in Miami exploring the city
  • Go to the BSB pre-cruise event (hopefully they will have one)
  • Get BSB merchandise on board including the cruise DVD. Sadly that $200 won’t go far.
  • Upgrade the cabin
  • Do an excursion or 2 in Nassau
  • Get new clothes/accessories for theme nights
  • Get a new camera
  • Have a spa treatment while on board
  • Go shopping on the cruise and/or while in Nassau (Not sure I could spend $200 shopping but I’m sure many of you wouldn’t have any problems)
  • Decorate door properly- And I put this on the list because I know many people who spent a good amount of money on supplies, going to Kinkos, etc

Sitting here and making this list is making me cringe. Knowing I want to do several of these items made me realize I could be spending an additional $1000. Yikes. And I also contemplated adding 'Buy pretty drinks with umbrellas in them'. But I'm hoping for most people that won't be anywhere near a $200 expense in a 3 day period.

So everyone values some of these items differently. For some of you more practical people you may invest in the getting new clothes or a new camera because the lifespan of those purchases will extend beyond the cruise. For others of you who may not be from the United States- you may want to put that money towards spending some extra time in Miami or a neighboring city. Meanwhile some want to ensure their time on board is the best possible experience it can be so they may want to upgrade their cabin.

If you're anything like me though, the first thing I would splurge on is the BSB pre-cruise event assuming they do this and I can get tickets. Even though that option is probably the most expensive for the amount of time you get to enjoy it, to me it’s the whole reason for going on the trip- to see the Backstreet Boys. Now I know the name of the post is if I had an extra $200, but let’s say I stumble upon $400. My next splurge would either be getting a new camera or shopping for BSB merchandise on board. The only reason I’d go for the camera first is because I anticipate they’ll put some of the merchandise online after the cruise, and possibly at a discounted rate. And I really want to get a better camera for the cruise. That way I wouldn’t have to post these blurry pictures all the time :/


  1. ugh...why does everything have to be so expensive?!?...i feel like i need an extra million to do everything i want to!...haha!!!

  2. Hey I know I have a good camera this year so some of that will be covered!