Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Few Cruise Rumors from BSB

Fans have been asking the guys during sound check parties about the upcoming cruise. Brian did reveal an interesting tidbit regarding the concert on board. Supposedly he said they were considering asking the fans for their opinions on what songs they would sing.

I would really enjoy that! Personally I love hearing the songs we don't get to hear all the time so I hope if this does happen, fans pick some of the songs we don't typically hear. Don't get me wrong, I love hearing I Want it That Way. But I hear it all the time. I would love to hear More than That. Haven't heard that live in ages.

AJ supposedly also asked what the fans thought of a 'Pirates of the Caribbean' themed deck party. Not sure how I feel about this one to be honest. I think Backstreet Boys dressed as pirates = major sexiness. But myself dressed up as a pirate, not so much!

Nothing confirmed, just rumors at this time. But still fun to start speculating what they will do for both the concert and the deck parties.

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