Thursday, June 9, 2011

What to Expect- Beach Party

I thought the beach party was so much fun last year and I’m really looking forward to it this year as well. I’m anticipating a much larger crowd because it is included in the cost of the cruise so everyone should theoretically be there, and it will be a full charter. The 2011 beach party will also be taking place at a different beach, thus I’m not sure how similar it will really be to last years. But I will still provide a high level overview of what to expect based on the beach party last year.

Last year if you signed up for the beach party, you were given a ticket upon check in. On the day of the beach party, there were 2 groups and you were assigned a time to congregate in the main lounge at which point you swap your ticket for another wristband. After a little bit of waiting, everyone was escorted out of the main lounge, down through the ship, outside, through the little town, and finally to a batch of buses that was waiting to take us to the beach.

After a 15 minute ride or so to the beach, we arrived and there was a Mexican buffet waiting for us along with an open bar. It took the Backstreet Boys a while to show up, so most people took advantage of the bar, food, and beautiful beaches while they were waiting.

Nice setting to wait for BSB to show up (Especially compared my normal sketchy dark alley after a show or the cold cement while its raining before an open seating concert)

Once the Backstreet Boys showed up, the rest of the afternoon flew by. They had a little stage set up, but no chairs or anything. For the most part you had to stand. It was very informal. It made it slightly difficult to see at points, but the guys seemed to move around quite a bit that even if you didn’t have a great view of the stage, you would've had a great view for other activities.

The guys first got settled and didn't even go to the stage for maybe 20 minutes or so. Once they did get to the stage, they played twister and brought up around 5- 10 fans to play with them. There didn't seem to be any special trick to getting on stage. The only downside to this activity was that it was a little difficult to see because they were all pretty low to the ground playing twister. The most interesting thing about this was that the winner won a platinum VIP. I thought that was just an amazing prize. I don't believe the other events offered anything quite as big.

Brian playing twister

Next Nick and AJ ran off into the ocean, with plenty of screaming girls following. I have to assume that wasn't a planned activity, but that was absolutely enjoyable. While Nick and AJ were in the ocean, Howie and Brian started up a game of limbo on stage. They again brought maybe 10 or so fans up and did a quick limbo game. To be honest this wasn't anything super fun to watch. I'm sure if I was on stage I'd be singing a completely different tune. We were essentially just watching Brian and Howie hold a stick. But you know Brian, he's able to bring life to any event. Plus I'd really be content watching them do just about anything, so I don't know what I'm really complaining about.

Howie and Brian playing limbo. You can also get a sense of the crowd (Though I think the majority of people were chasing a topless Nick and AJ down the beach. Myself included)

After the limbo event, Nick and AJ got back up on stage to pick fans for their tug of war match. I enjoyed watching this more so than the other events because both Nick and AJ got SO into it. They both made pretty funny faces. The limbo event was just about wrapping up when the first group had to leave for the buses. Thus I unfortunately missed the volleyball game that was going on when I left. And fon't even get me started on missing this... I don't think its fair that the second group got to stay longer after we left. I think the Backstreet Boys should have left when the first group did, but nothing I can go back and change. I might somehow try to be in the second group next time or even cab it back.

AJ playing tug of war

Nick playing volleyball

So there you have it. Beach party in a nut shell. Each group had about 4 hours on the beach. Overall just a fun afternoon in the sun with friends and the Backstreet Boys. I'm interested to see if they'll do something similar next time or perhaps switch up the dynamic. But how can you go wrong with the Backstreet Boys on the beach?

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