Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Prom Night Themes

I thought prom night was already a theme....but I'll guess we'll be having a theme within a theme. The Backstreet Boys just posted a poll where we can vote for the theme of prom night. Choices include:

  • Enchanted Sea
  • Under the Stars
  • A Night to Remember
  • Anywhere for You
  • I Need you Tonight

Vote for the prom theme here and tell us what you voted for. I thought 'Under the Stars' seemed fitting seeing as how we'll be in the middle of ocean under the stars. But that's just my vote. And truthfully, all of these are so vague that I'm really not sure what they'll end up doing with any of them.


  1. i voted for under the stars too!...its a one of a kind outdoor prom...under the stars totally fits!!

    i wonder if they are going to decorate the whole lido deck with cheesy prom decorations that go along with the winning theme...that would be fun!!

  2. I also voted for that. My senior prom's theme was A Night to Remember so I didn't want to go with that one.