Monday, April 4, 2011

Before you Book

I’ve been anxiously counting down the days until it’s time to book the cruise so it can be official that I’m actually going. And it’s finally a week away! I wanted to throw out a few last minute reminders that you may want to consider before you book:

Work/School- Make sure you will be able to take the time off from work/school. I know it can be difficult to plan that far in advance but if it’s in your power, I’d recommend taking care of it now. Nothing worse than being months or even weeks away from day we set sail to find out you have a huge exam you can’t get out of or your boss won’t let you off. I did hear several stories from the last cruise where this was an issue. Ideally if you give your boss/teacher enough notice, they might be more willing to work with your schedule.
So I’m all set with this :) I told my boss approximately 20 minutes after the official announcement that I will be needing those days off in December. I also showed her the teaser video which she enjoyed seeing. Side note- I think I’ve already seen that video like 100 times.

Childcare- If you have children, pets, or other dependents make sure you have some sort of plan to take care of them while you are away. I’m not saying you need to make an appointment for your dog to be boarded now… But particularly if you are the sole caretaker for someone, you may want to start making sure your babysitter or whomever is available. I don’t have anything to worry about here as I live by myself.

Insurance- Decide if you want to get travel insurance. December is still 9 months away and any number of things could happen between now and then. Personally I’ve never opted for insurance but depending on your personal situation, it may make sense. For example if you have health issues, maybe traveling from overseas, have a family to support, etc. Here is a reminder of Rose Tour’s cancellation policy:

Should you have to cancel for any of the following reasons: (Illness, Injury, Death, Unannounced Strike, Hijacking, Jury Duty, Court Ordered Appearance or Traffic Accident)
Time of Booking - October 31, 2010. It will cost you the $300 Non-Refundable Deposit
November 1, 2010 - March 30, 2011. It will be 50% of Total Price
March 31, 2011 - May 12, 2011. No Refund

Set a Budget- This trip will NOT be cheap. There’s no getting around it. Even though they don’t have the full prices posted yet, I’d recommend before you book to make sure you can in fact afford this trip. Come up with a budget and stick to it. And be sure to factor in all the pre-cruise expenses as well. This may include a new camera, theme outfits, travel expenses etc. It all adds up!

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