Thursday, April 7, 2011

We Can Pick Our Cabins This Year

Just announced on the official BSB cruise site:

New this year, you will be able to select your exact cabin when making your reservation.
Once you pick your category, you will be able to choose your cabin. Please take a minute to look over Carnival's Imagination deck plan so you are familiar with your cabin options. Click Here to View Deck Plan.
Please keep in mind cabins will go quickly.

Just when I thought I had everything figured out they throw me a curve ball! Even though I’m incredibly indecisive, I think this is a nice addition so you have more control over where you will be staying. It allows you to coordinate with your friends so you can get rooms near each other. The other benefit is that you will know where your room is right from the beginning, rather than having to wait until a few weeks before we cruise. So ideally you can get to know your neighbors that much sooner.

Since we have more control over where to stay, just wanted to point out a few things when selecting your cabin. I would recommend midship as being the ideal location for obvious reasons. You are halfway between both ends of the ship. If you debating between forward and aft, there are a few things to note. Typically if the waves are rough you might feel slightly more motion towards the front of the ship because if you think about it, that’s where the waves meet the boat. However in the aft, you will be right above the engine and the anchor so it could be noisy. When we are coming and going from port, the anchor can get quite loud. Considering we will be arriving in Nassau at 8:30am and leaving at 7:00am, that will not be a pleasant wake-up call (If you’re even sleeping that is).

Since midship tends to be more expensive than forward or aft, I’m personally leaning towards aft myself. I figure I will be awake most of the trip and even if I will be sleeping I’ll be too darn tired to let the noise even bother me. I wish it was Monday already so I could be booked and be done with all the decision making.

***EDIT*** Some people are having are having trouble with the link to the deck plan. If the Carnival site is giving you trouble, you can view the deck plan here as well.

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  1. i love the idea of being able to pick your exact cabin...its way better than randomly being put somewhere and having no idea until a few days before...

    i cant wait for the pre-sail on monday!!! =)