Monday, April 11, 2011

I'm Officially Booked!

Yay!! I'm so relieved that I'm officially booked. I've been stressing these past few weeks on who I'm rooming with, which room to get, and even whether or not I should go.

So in the end I decided to room with 2 of my friends from last year- Chrissy and Cory. We got an interior cabin for 3 people on Deck 5. More specifically we'll be in cabin M46, so come say! We were hoping for Deck 6 but did not see any available.

I felt the booking today went pretty smoothly. The site went live a few minutes before noon and luckily we had no problems getting through and even selecting which cabin we want. There seemed to be a little concern around the reservation numbers as some girls had the same one. I speculated that it could be a different set of reservation numbers for the different dining seatings (early vs late) or perhaps the suites were on a different system than the rest. However Jeannie from Rose Tours clarified that the reservation numbers are time stamped and supposedly the first four digits are meaningless, which would then explain why some people got the same reservation number. Not sure the validity of this.

But just in case you're reservation number is 1136. It also appears that the numbers start at 1100 this year. So in the event that these numbers do matter, we made out pretty well. Just FYI for new cruisers, the reservation number dictates your position in the lounge, which is why everyone is stressing over it (myself included)

So now that the cruise is taken care of, I have to start thinking about making arrangements for the rest of the trip. This includes booking flights, get a hotel room for the night before, await the announcement of an acoustic show (at least I sure hope so) and make plans to extend the trip with some sort of pre-cruise adventure. 3 days is just too short of a trip for me. If I'm going to fly down to Florida anyway, I figure why not? I'm strongly considering going to Disney World for a few days before the cruise. It's only a 4 hour drive from Miami and seeing Disney World around Christmas time is so magical. Plus there's the added bonus of possibly seeing Brian. He took his family last year after the cruise, so there's always a slim chance of running into him.

Aside from all the logistics, I also can start thinking about more of the fun stuff. I plan on buying a new camera, some new outfits, thinking about my door decoration, figure out plans for Nassau, etc.

Lots of fun to be had in the months to come so keep checking back for more updates, tips, and my lovely opinions. If there's anything you'd like to hear about, feel free to post a comment below or send me an email. I'd love to hear from you.

How did you past cruisers make out today? Meanwhile good luck to Fan Club members for their pre-sale on Wednesday and everyone else trying on Friday for tickets! Let us know how it goes.


  1. im in cabin glad booking went smoothly for wasnt so easy for me...i had to refresh for over a half hour...but it finally went through!!! yay!!!!

  2. Can you post a link to the deck plan - the one from your previous post doesnt work. It takes me to the Carnival website but I can't choose anything from the drop down menu :*( thanks!

  3. Im also planning to go with my roommate to Disney after the cruise!!:D

  4. Shaina- Thats strange the link doesnt work for you because it works for me. But you can try this one as well:

    Hope that helps!