Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I Bet You Didn't Know...

...Most ships in the Carnival fleet have a distinct theme. For example the Carnival Fascination has a Hollywood theme and the Victory has a sea-theme. The Glory’s theme is color. Last year we were on the Destiny and it had a theme of Fantasyland.

This year we will be on the Carnival Imagination and the theme is, you guessed it, imagination. More specifically the focus is on mythical places and illusion. So what’s the point of the theme? Well the idea is that the public areas will all be named after the theme. Additionally the d├ęcor, photos, statues, etc will all tie into this theme. On the Imagination we’ll see places such as the Mirage Piano Bar, the Curiosity Lounge, Shangri La Disco, and Illusion’s Dance Club. These pictures look really cool! I’m excited to see it in person.

Shangri La Lounge

Main Atrium

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