Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cruise on Sale Next Week!

I just wanted to wish good luck to everyone trying for tickets next week! I’ll feel so much better once I get that confirmation email. As a reminder the past cruiser pre-sale is Monday April 11th at 12pm EST. The fan club pre-sale is Wednesday April 13th at 12pm EST. And finally the general public sale is Friday April 15th at 12pm EST.

If you cruised last year, you should have received an email from Ground Control called “BSB Cruise Past Passenger Booking Info’ that contains information about the pre-sale including a username and password. Thank you so much Cory for letting me know about this! I did not receive the email so I had to call Rose Tours so they could resend me the information. They did have me in their system, which is good, but I still have no clue why I didn’t get the initial email. So if you also did not get the email, I’d recommend calling Rose Tours and have them resend it to you. They open at 9am EST so there is still a 3 hour window before tickets go on sale.

I recently discovered more information about the cancellation policy that I thought I’d share. Rose Tours makes it very clear what happens with the individual who cancels, but not how it affects the other cruisers who are rooming with them. I never thought about this last year because I was in the roommate match program so I was covered. This year I am not. So… should your roommate cancel, you both are responsible for finding a replacement roommate. If you find a replacement roommate, great. All you have to pay is a $100 name change fee. If you are unable to find a replacement roommate, that’s when it could potentially get messy. There is one less person in that cabin, so Rose Tours will alter the cost of that room to reflect the new number of people in there. So say I book a 2 person cabin and my roommate cancels. Now there is only me in the cabin, so I’d be responsible for paying the price of an individual cabin. That’s a HUGE difference in price. Obviously going from a 4 person cabin to a 3 person cabin would not be as significant of a price difference.

The reason I bring this up is that I’d recommend you discuss beforehand with your roommate(s) what your cancellation policy is. I discussed with my future roommates how we want to handle that situation should it arise. While none of us anticipate canceling, you never know what might happen. We all agreed that whoever has to cancel will be responsible for any additional charges the other girls have to incur, if that person would not have canceled. We thought this was the fair approach.

Again- good luck next week! I hope everyone gets their first choice room, unless it happens to be the same room I have my eye on ;)

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