Friday, February 3, 2012

BSB Cruisies 2011: The Winners are In

Well folks, the votes have been tallied and we have our official winners of the coveted BSB Cruisie. As previously noted, all winners will receive one of these bad boys:

BSB Cruisie Award
And one other thing before the winners are announced, thank you all for casting your votes and all the great comments!! I was so pleased with the overwhelming response and how many of you voted. Thanks again!

And without further ado, the winners are:

Best Theme Party
  • 80's Night
  • Prom Night
  • PJ Night
By an overwhelming margin, PJ night was voted best theme party and here's why:

"Easily the most entertaining night! The boys were having fun, we were having fun. And there was no wind! Haha"- Kristen
"It was the most relaxed dress wise, and the one the guys seemed to have the most fun at."- Desiree
"The crazy stuff that happened during truth or dare"- Anonymous
"It was insane, Nick and the marshmallows, Howie and the wiggle, OMG the pillow... the massage, Brian's jumping"- Gaby Z.
Best Backstreet Boy in a Leading Role (aka your fave BSB in the context of the cruise. Not your fave BSB in general)
  • Brian 
  • Howie
  • Nick
  • AJ
  • Kevin
It was Howie by a landslide and here's why:

"Howie was a fucking rock star! I am a Nick Carter girl always will be but Howie partied every night with us until 6am and was up the next day kicking it! He is fucking awesome!"- Anonymous

"He stayed out and partied all night."- Venus

"He was a party animal! I had no idea :)"- Babybsbgrl
"He was out partying all night and was the life of the whole cruise :D"- Salena 

"He was up latest every night... & he humped a freaking pillow :P"- Jay
Best Costume Design (aka your fave outfit worn by the boys)
  • Nick in his teenage mutant ninja turtle look on PJ night
  • Howie in his Hugh Hefner look on PJ night
  • Kev in his tux on prom night
  • Boys collectively as Sphynkter
This was a close race, but in the end, Nick with his TMNT outfit beat out Kevin in his tux. Here's why he won:
"I love TMNT and I loveee Nick! So what's better than them together?!?! He looked beyond cute!"- Chelsea S.
"He looked so cute and cuddly"- Cynthia I.
    Best Original Score (aka favorite song from the cruise overall)
    • Sexy and I Know It
    • If You Want it to be Good Girl
    • Party Rock
    This one came down to the wire, but in the end, Sexy and I Know It pulled ahead for the win.

    "Ever since AJ did his pole dance right in front of me at Cameo(pre cruise event) i'm totally obsessed with this song.Love Howie Wiggle to it."- Anonymous

    "Girl, look at that Kevin!"- Janine

    "WIGGLE, WIGGLE, WIGGLE, WIGGLE, WIGGLE...YEAH....(do i really need to say more?!)"- Brandy
      Best Solo Performance (from the concert)
      • Nick Carter with Burning Up
      • Brian Littrell with Mary Did you Know
      • Howie D with Lie to Me
      • AJ McLean with London
      This category was the closest one, but Nick beat out Brian by just 1 vote!
      "I love that song....."- Jennifer B.

      "AMAZING!!!!!!!! and the final "shower"..... wow!!!"- Mascia C.

      "He owned this song.  Water bottle and all"- Melissa D.
        Best Group Performance (from the concert)
        • If You Want it to be Good Girl/Get Down Medley
        • Don't Want You Back
        • Drowning
        • Incomplete Remix
        The entire concert was so great that it clearly was a difficult category. But the cruisie goes to IYWITBBG!
        "I never thought I would ever hear this song live.  It made my LIFE.  :)"- Janine
        "IYWITBGG... enough said!!!"- Jay
        "It's such a treat hearing the boys sing something we never get to hear"- Laura 
          Best Mini Game during In it to Win It (Group A)
          • Hula Hoop Challenge
          • How's it Hanging 
          • Coconut Smoochie
          • Hanky Panky
          No contest here- coconut smoochie for the win.
          "Loved watching it but would've loved a lotttt more if I had been the one playing it with them!!"- Chelsea S.
            Best Mini Game during In it to Win It (Group B)
            • Coconut Smoochie
            • Flip Cup
            • Mini Bikes
            • Nervous Nelly
            No contest here either- coconut smoochie once again.
            "I could not believe some of the possessions the boys got themselves into! (Yes, I said possession on purpose lol)"- Anne Marie

            "OMG DID YOU SEE BRIAN ?? I remember screaming... OMG HE HUMP HER !!"- Anonymous
              Best Game During Beach Party
              • Musical Chairs
              • Wet T-shirt Contest
              • Volleyball
              • Twister
              • Limbo
              • 3-Legged Race
              This wasn't even a close one. Musical chairs takes the cruisie.
              "AJ playing it for the first time in his life..."- Silvia M.

              "This was really hard...but I enjoyed Kevin giving AJ a hard time about never having played this game before"- Brandy

              "Was so cute watching the boys play and then Kevin and AJ be the final 2 standing"- Cynthia I.
                Funniest Moment
                • Howie having his way with a pillow
                • Boys posing as Nsync during the sail away party
                • The boys 'roasting' each other during karaoke
                • Coconut Smoochie game
                The funniest moment goes to Howie having his way with a pillow. Classic.
                "He was so embarrassed and I could not believe he actually did it."- Chrissy
                 "I can honestly say I never thought I would see a Backstreet Boy hump a pillow....ever.  :)"- Janine
                "I was in such shock I couldn't stop laughing."- Anne Marie
                  Sexiest Moment
                  • AJ participating in the wet t-shirt contest
                  • AJ on the stripper pole in cameo
                  • Howie molesting a pillow
                  • Nick coming out of the ocean shirtless and wet
                  This was a close one, but in the end AJ on the stripper pole pulled into the lead, just barely beating out Nick.
                  "I was front row center. He was staring in my eyes for a bit during it.. I almost melted. And got to touch his bare chest.. amazing."- Sammi G.
                  "Best moment ever. and I was write next to him"- Tati B.
                  "So incredibly sexy. Rochelle is a damn lucky woman!"- Laura
                  Best Howie Moment
                  • Howie + Pillow
                  • Singing Lie to Me
                  • Any time he wiggled
                  • Shirtless on the beach
                  Best Howie moment of the cruise, voted by you cruisers, was any time he wiggled. 
                  "Need to say more...the WIGGLE master"- Silvia M.

                  "Wiggle is awesome"- Tati B.
                    Best Nick Moment
                    • Singing Burning Up
                    • Shirtless on the beach
                    • Getting massaged during his dare on PJ night
                    • Anytime he said "ladieees"
                    And the cruisie goes to...whenever Nick said his infamous "ladies."
                    "Such a classic quote now from the cruise!"- Chelsea S.

                    "I laughed every time! i loved this!!!"- Ashley
                    Best Brian Moment
                    • Singing Mary Did You Know
                    • Crowd Surfing during PJ Night
                    • Doing the Worm during PJ Night
                    • Having the rest of the boys imitate Nsync during the sail away party
                     The best Brian moment of the cruise, hands down, was him singing Mary Did You Know.
                    "I had a hard time choosing this one because I love all of them!  Mary Did You Know was the most emotional moment."- Chrissy

                    "We see silly brian all the was great seeing emotional brian"- Ashley
                      Best AJ Moment
                      • Stripper pole at Cameo (even though its technically pre-cruise, Im still counting it)
                      • Shirtless on the beach
                      • Participating in the wet t-shirt contest
                      • Getting tickled during his dare on PJ night
                      The coveted Cruisie goes to AJ's stripper pole performance at Cameo.
                        "Because I saw a pole and hoped he would pole dance and he did!"- Anne Marie

                        "Holly molly that was hot!"- Anonymous
                        "All I can say is- WOW!"- Anonymous
                        Best Overall Moment
                        • The boys WITH Kev singing 'Safest Place to Hide' at the beach party
                        • Boys shaving a fans head before karaoke
                        • Truth or Dare during PJ night
                        • Boys singing IYWITBGGGYABB during the concert
                        The clear winner was all 5 Backstreet Boys on the beach
                        singing Safest Place to Hide.
                        "I was surprised by how much i loved seeing/hearing kev back with the rest of them...and its great that they sang a more rare song!"- Ashley
                         "I love all five Boys together.  :)"- Sammi G.
                          Best Overall Event
                          • Sail Away Party
                          • Game Show - In it to Win It
                          • 80's Night
                          • Beach Party
                          • Concert
                          • Prom Night
                          • Meet & Greet/Photo Session
                          • Karaoke
                          • PJ Night
                          This was a tough category and the votes were widely cast. However the concert was the fan favorite of the cruise.

                          "I've never cried at a BSB concert before, but I did at this one! 1st when AJ was singing to "his" girl during HWSS, then I cried during Siberia. And when Brian cried during his solo, I lost it! Very moving, indeed."- Kathryn

                          "Group a's concert was the best.  It was high energy because they did round 1 the day before. And not knowing the set list was even better.  Each new song was no way no way..."- Melissa D.

                          "Lots of fan interaction, best remixes, Kevin was there, best concert ever."-  Melissa

                          "Kevin and Drowning + The boys singing to me"-  Bethany D.

                          Thanks everyone for casting your votes for the first annual BSB Cruisie Awards!


                              1. yay! congrats to all the winners!!!...this was so much fun laura!!! thanks for putting it together!!! you rock!!

                                and the cruisie for best bsb cruise blog goes to laura!!!!

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                              4. You're a genius, Laura. This was fun!

                                I'm surprised by most of the results. Just goes to show how many different experiences there are on one giant boat!