Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Your Favorite Memories

You may have noticed that I asked everyone for their favorite memory in my Backstreet Cruisie survey but didn't give any awards for that category. I know I'm being cheesy here, but everyone is a winner! I had so much fun reading everyone's response so I felt it deserved its own separate post.

Here are all of YOUR favorite moments from the cruise. If you didn't get a chance to take the survey or you may have skipped that question, feel free to post your favorite memory in the comments section below or email me and I'll update this post. You can also email me if you want me to link your memory to your blog/twitter/etc. Enjoy!

Brian remembered me during the photo session from the Wylee Party and the Pre-cruise event and called me "Kentucky Girl" as we had been discussing the University of Kentucky at the Wylee party.  I was taken aback when he remembered me.
Anne Marie
Getting a picture with Kevin on prom night.
I got to swim with Nick in Nassau & got a group hug from him, that was the best.
Every second was so amazing to me! I have so many memories and friendships that I have made that I know will last forever!
Melissa Duncan aka @melissa8313
Nick: running into him in the hallway deck 6 at 330am.  Having a moment with him during 80's night.  "look at that hair,  omg nick,  that's hot,  touches hair,  he grabs my hand...
Brian: talking to him during sail away about nicks pants,  getting him to sign my flag of him,  yelling at fans to get out of the way at the beach party so he could pass.  Watching him be free on pj night,  brian taking my camera and taking a pic of us on 80's night. 
Aj: getting a picture with him o.  80's night when i went in for group photos he says nice to meet u... Im like wtf nice to meet me then i grab his ass.  Lol.  Seeing him in the hallway deck 6 at 6am acting a fool with others.  Grabbing his butt multiple times on pj night and getting a pic.  Lol. 
Kevin : getting a pic with him,  saying ty so many times. 
Howie: pic on 80's night and at the beach.  Enjoying his other side... The machine who parties all the time.  And with nick and aj,  the private conversation on the lido deck that was funny and memorable.

Silvia Machielsen
Meeting Howie at the Bahama's on my Birthday
Walked up the stairs and saw Nick. I said Hey Nick and he motioned to go give him a hug.
Desiree (SingleMomDes)
At lunch the first day Howie walked past me just as I was starting to eat, I asked for a photo and he said sure and waited patiently with his arm around me as we got my camera turned back on...waited 14yrs for the best photo I took all weekend, I'll always be thankful for that
NY best friend Danielle rocking out pinks raise your glass at karoake & being with my BSB fam
Getting picked to play truth or dare.
Partying with HOWIE alllllll night!!!
Winning door dec!!!!
Chelsea Smith
Being with nick and AJ up on the deck after the pj party. Hearing AJ talk about his wedding, nick (drunkenly lol) talk about his life and about the fans, was just a really special thing to be a part of. It was a smaller group of ppl, everyone put their cameras away, it was just really nice.
I have to pick just one? Impossible!
Jennifer Blackwell
I just met brian littrell at the same hotel that i was stay for the night... i met aj mclean at the beach for the first time and they are the best people that i really want to meet for a long time since i was 14 years old... I really want to said thank them to be nice to me to take a pic with me because i was their awesome fan in the world....
We randomly ran into Brian twice in the hall...just me, my friend, him and his bodyguard...the night of prom night. It was awesome because he just talked to us for a few minutes without any other fans being around.
Meeting new and other BSB friends.
"I just said ""Hi AJ"", and he said ""How you doing sweet"", and my brother recorded!"
Has to be Brian crowd surfing! Right before he started I thought to myself JOKINGLY, "I should touch his butt!" I decided to be good & not grabby though. But lo & behold, that is the part of him that was passed to me! I also ended up holding his legs because NO ONE else around me was. When I couldn't move any further, I had to let go of him & that's when he fell on that girl! I am super glad though that no one around me knew what to do, though! It was so awesome & it made the trip for me!
Cynthia Irani
Being Nick's prom queen.  He made me laugh and it was an amazing experience :-D
Kevin on prom night turning around to take a pic with me specifically! Awesome.
My best memory is Brian crying while singing Mary did you know. I cried too, it was very emotional and a very special moment that I'll remember the rest of my life. Also getting a pic with Nick at the beach party.
Hanging out on the back of the boat with Nick while he was in his ninja turtle pj's having "deep thoughts" :)
Mascia Cantoni
When i took the pic with him!!! i know, it could look stupid but... it was very important to me!
Tati Brayner from Brazil
Nick  giving me his bottle of water at sail away event. an than coming back just to give me the cap.
Having Howie sing Helpless when she smiles to me at group A's concert.
Meeting Kevin, it made the experience of meeting the guys this year complete
Gosh getting a photo with Kevin <3
Seeing Kevin!!!
Sammi Goff
I got to talk to Brian about how much I wanted his pink shoes, talked to Howie before In It To Win It, talked to Kevin about how awesome I thought it was that he was there, Nick liked my tattoo and remembered it the next day, and got to hug AJ 3 times even though I wad too nervous to have a decent conversation with him. Lol. Oh.. and Brian tried to tackle my friend because we were wearing Colts jerseys hahaha. It was awesome.
I don't think I can pick just one memory, and there isn't enough space or time to even begin on my favorite parts of the cruise.  :)
Nick and AJ said they liked my t-shirt during the meet & greet/photo session
Bethany Drader
Concert, the boys came up to the second level and each of them held my hand while singing As Long As You Love Me to me!
Seeing the concert first row!!
Gaby Zamudio
I have a lot of memories,HOWIE i signed my t-shirt, Nick and Kevin i was greeted, the last day ran into Nick on the boat and we could talk with him and AJ, Howito took my hand when we ran and good of all i got very good moments, the day of the meet & greet brian approached to greet me was in shock and nervous ... everything was awesome
The best memory certainly when we arrive in the boat ...we were at the bar drinking our first drink of the cruise and Howie just appear behind us ! Alot of girls jump on him ...we just stay there and smile to him ...he smile back and say thank you ....Or at the cameo club AJ kinda remember we were from Montreal and on our way down Leighanna spot us and was so happy to see us ! She wave to us like a crazy loll

My best time was just when I met Nick in the elevator .. I did too much fun when I made ​​a funny face for me that I was photographing!

Jennifer Hall
When nick held my hand & was looking right at me while singing. I wanted to melt. Lol
As I sat down to think about my favorite moment of the Backstreet Boys cruise, I realized two things. First, it’s hard to choose only one. Second, it’s hard to express in words the excitement you feel every single minute on that boat! If I had to choose one thing though, the highlight would have to be the entire concert. Even though I have seen BSB live multiple times, this was by far the best performance I’ve ever seen from them! And the thing is… they didn’t need fancy choreography, new music, or an expensive set to put on a good show. It was so special to see the boys be themselves onstage, getting emotional, joking around with each other, and forgetting a few lyrics here and there because they were too busy partying with us the night before to rehearse.  Like many fans, I grew up listening to them and seeing them sing “Don’t Want You Back” for the first time in over a decade was a dream come true. AJ and Nick seemed just as excited!  “If You Want It To Be Good Girl”… who would have ever thought we’d get them to perform that one?! Kevin coming onstage to perform “Drowning” at the very end of the show was the icing on the cake! Although there were hundreds to choose from, the shared connection I felt with the boys and my fellow fans in that moment tops everything.

Thank you everyone for sharing your favorite memories!


  1. I've got a one on one meet up with them when they visit Philippines and they're all nice and pretty handsome too. Awesomeness is flowing tho them.

  2. OMG... I've never been here! lol
    Loved your blog... Thanks for put my 'best memory' on your post. :)

    Hope you can visit my blog too: http://vidabsb.wordpress.com/

    Tati Brayner

  3. Sorry if I am way late but I would also like to share my memories of the 2011 cruise. My best memory was having front row for concert and Nick serenading me for a few seconds. I have had it was my prof pic for the past year. Another great moment was when my roomie and I won 2nd place for the door decoration contest. That was awesome.