Sunday, February 19, 2012

Prom Night Unabridged

Prom night Backstreet style was themed as 'A Night to Remember'. And what made this night memorable to me was the guest appearance by Kevin. Very special indeed.

The boys were running on Backstreet time per usual, but it was definitely worth the wait. Kevin was the only Backstreet Boy who wore a classy classic tux, the other 4 boys all decided to take a more goofy approach. Howie wore a white tux like Tony Montana from Scarface, Brian sported a turquoise tux, and Nick and AJ took inspiration from Dumb and Dumber with an orange and light blue tux respectively.

So the boys came out and threw out some shirts into the audience. Howie immediately starts dancing like a mad man and the boys went around introducing their outfits. Kevin indicated he "wasn't very creative" with his classic tux. Truthfully, his was my favorite. But since all the boys were trying to be based off a movie character, Nick assigned Kevin's outfit to be based off of Meet Joe Black; Howie assigned him to be from Chicago; AJ deemed him as 007; and Brian appointed him to be from Men in Black. Whatever you call it- he looked good.

AJ iterated that he and Nick never went to prom so they had to make that the best prom night ever. And that was pretty much the entire intro. Short, sweet and to the point.

Credit- Justin Segura
Nick- “We’re adults now I can see things now like shit. Back in the day we would’ve gotten in trouble and I would’ve been spanked”
The highlight of the evening was the boys singing I Still with Kevin. Absolutely amazing. Definitely sent chills down my spine:

I Still with Kevin. Simply magical.

In my opinion, the evening peaked early with this moment. They segue into playing a bunch of music and Nick hops on the drums.

Next on the agenda was for the boys to "pick" their prom queens, which were in fact pre-selected randomly by plastic crowns placed in goody bags. Had I known these existed, I probably would've stalked those goody bags and sneaked one of those crowns away before they made their way to the cabins. Heck, at one point during the beach party I half-contemplated running around Nassau buying every plastic crown on the island hoping one of them would match. But I just couldn't tear myself away topless Backstreet Boys.

Anyway, the boys had their prom queens and discussed what song they would be dancing to. Then this conversation happened:
Nick- “See I think it’s better to do the Perfect Fan versus that song that AJ used to grind to on the stage.”
AJ- “That’s not a prom song.”
AJ- “I was 15 when we cut that. What do I know about sex at 15?”
Howie- “You had no business humping that stage.”
So Jen goes on and crowns all 5 boys as the prom kings. Then the 5 ladies were crowned as prom queens. They go do their dance to the Perfect Fan and Nick was incredibly goofy with his dance, which was cute to watch.

The rest of the nigh was largely uneventful, except of course to the 5 gals who were chosen as prom queen. The boys did some classic line dances like the Cha cha slide, Electric Slide, and YMCA.

Nick- “I wouldn’t recommend this to anybody. I’m sorry. They’re still doing it. You look like cattle…May as well call that the sheep dance.”
Nick's enthusiasm for the line dancing was just bursting out of him. I tended to agree with him though. So they finish up their brief line dancing and then Brian allows all the prom queens to do their shout outs. Nothing horribly noteworthy happened after that.

Well that's all folks. I wish there was more to write, but that was pretty much how the night ended. My personal experiences with prom night was not as magical as I had hoped, which is largely evident just in the length of this post as compared to some of the other events. I think the night was super special to 5 fans, but the majority of the rest of us had nothing much to do but stand by and awkwardly watch them have their moment. Or maybe that was just how I felt. Now I do place a lot of the blame on myself for having such high expectations for the night, but I still think the deck party was lacking overall. The only saving grace was seeing Kevin sing I still.

One last thing, in case you're curious, here were a few songs they played throughout the evening:
I Know You Want Me, I Gotta Feeling, I Still, Gold Digger, Crazy In Love, Be Faithful, Up in Here, Party Up, This is How We Do It, Bring Em Out, Turn Me On, Get Busy, One More Time, Don't Stop Believing, Party Rock, Baby Got Back, The Perfect Fan, Crank That Solider Boy, Black & Yellow, Electric Slide, YMCA, What's My Name.

What did you think of prom night?


  1. I agree with you, i thought the prom night was boring. We even left early since nothing was happening for us. only the girls on stage seemed to enjoy what was going on.

  2. Don't forget that you got your picture with Kevin on that night though!