Thursday, February 23, 2012

Close Your Eyes, Make a Wish

I was randomly thinking, as I normally do, about the well known theoretical question- 'If a genie could grant you three wishes, what would they be?'

This is a Backstreet cruise blog, so of course I'm going to twist that question and ask the same thing, but you get 3 wishes that could be granted on a BSB cruise. So just to be clear, you don't have to wish to be on the cruise, lets just assume the genie already gave us all that wish as a bonus freebie. These wishes are for once you're on board.

So I gave this a lot of thought, and here are my top 3 wishes.
  1. I wish for the perfect concert on the cruise done MY way. The first element of my dream concert would be me front row center, which is something I've never had before. Since its my dream concert, its gonna have to be a private show just for me. Well maybe not completely private because I'd feel too awkward, so I'd probably invite 20 or so of my closest Backstreet friends to join me (aka all of my blog followers). That way its super intimate, but not enough to make me feel weird about it. Also, I'd want it to be outside overlooking the ocean. Even though the ships we've been on haven't been set up this way, I'm envisioning something like this (but on a smaller scale and replace that pool with stage)

    Setting for my dream concert
    The next element of my dream concert on the cruise would be that I pick every song on the set list. It would include all my faves such as Song for the Unloved, Get Another Boyfriend, The One, London, and Shape of My Heart. Then a bunch more unreleased songs and non-singles. The concert would be at least 2 hours long, because all of their shows are just too short for my liking. No opening act, unless its also the Backstreet Boys. And it goes without saying, but Kevin would also be there for this show.

    And of course this dream concert would include me being on stage serenaded by the boys. Im having trouble deciding on which song I'd want to be serenaded to....either INBYH, What Makes You Different, or More than That. Heck, its my dream concert- they'll serenade me for all 3 songs! The last piece of this puzzle would be to include several shirtless Backstreet Boys throughout the concert. I could keep going and going on this wish, but I think the genie would cut me off by this point and I don't think I could handle much more excitement.

  2. For my second wish, I wish to have dinner with the Backstreet Boys. So let me paint the picture here. Me dining with the Backstreet Boys and their families in the main dining room of the cruise. We enjoy a nice leisurely 3-course meal with some of the best food I've ever had in my life. We're just chatting, laughing, discussing current events and just getting to know each other as regular people. This is another dream of mine, just to be able to sit down and talk to them as a normal person, not as Backstreet Boys. So perhaps that wish wasn't as elaborate as I intended, but I think its simplicity is what makes it special, thus its still worthy of one of my prized wishes.

  3. My third and final wish would be to paired up with the boys for all of the fun games/events they do on board. I really enjoy playing board games and I think doing something fun WITH the boys would be a blast. Especially after seeing how competitive they are. And to clarify, not the game shows they perform for us, but on a 'normal' cruise they typically do little events like trivia games, scavenger hunts, bingo, name that tune, pictionary, Quest, etc. So I would want to do all these fun little games with BSB as my partner. I like the idea of us being on a team together and working towards a common goal, all the while having a good time and just laughing along the way.

    Plus I think it would get all the laughs I need just watching their dynamics during the games. Nick would probably be clueless and trying to figure out the rules to bingo. Howie would probably be making sexual comments throughout. I'd have Brian helping us cheat, making sure we win. And AJ would not be of much help either considering he didn't even know how to play musical chairs. Looks like I'd have to wish for Kevin to be there yet again to carry the team through. But win or lose, this would be a day to remember.
I really struggled on narrowing down my wish list because my imagination kept getting the better of me. I had several runner up wishes which I will also share:
  • Snorkeling and/or swimming with the dolphins excursion with the Backstreet Boys in the beautiful crystal blue water of the Caribbean. A few items on my bucket list, so it would be great to cross those off with my four of my favorite men.
  • Going clubbing with the boys in the nightclub, but lets pretend that 1500 other fans weren't trying to dance with them as well.
  • Some cruise ships do movie under the stars. They put out lounge chairs with blankets and popcorn. So Id want to do a movie under the stars with BSB. I'm not sure what movie I'd pick, but i think it would a fun comedy. Nothing too serious.
    Movie Under the Stars with BSB
  • Backstreet photo session extravaganza. I'd want to go around to all those fun photo ops around the ship and take a bunch of fun pictures with the boys. I'd want a good mix of serious pictures and of course fun poses as well. There would be different outfits and different combinations of me and the boys.
    I think about how stressed I am during any meet & greet photo sessions. So if we could just spend an hour or 2 doing all the pictures I could possibly ever want and then some, I'd never have to bother them for a picture again. So its really a win/win, or so I'd like to convince myself. I just like the idea of having a lifetime supply of pictures and never having to worry about which boy i want to stand next to in a picture ever again. But along with this, I'd also have to wish the photos were like 95% off otherwise I'd go broke buying them all. Or perhaps a coupon for buy 1 get 75 free.
  • They generally have dance classes on board so I'd love to take one of those dance classes with them, or if I'm doing the wishing, taught by them.
    What would your wishes be? I'd love to hear what you all can dream up. I just kindly ask that you keep these wishes PG, as this isn't a fanfic, its a family friendly blog (well for the most part).

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    1. Absolutely with you on just having normal conversation with the boys.

      I'm thinking some blankets and chairs under the night sky talking life, love, music, the biz, and anything else that comes up.

      Isn't that ALL we want as fans? To be noticed and have even a small fraction of the impact on their lives that they've had on ours?

      I think after that I'd die of happiness and would be unable to make my other two wishes