Saturday, February 11, 2012

Howie D's Backstreet Tour of Israel

A few days ago Howie announced that he would be doing a 10 day trip to Israel. This totally took me by surprise. The thought of spending 10 days with Howie anywhere, doing anything, sounds absolutely incredible. In case you missed it, be sure to check out Howie D's Backstreet Tour of Israel.

When I first saw this announcement, I clearly had a lot of thoughts running through my head. I truthfully couldn’t believe it. The Backstreet Boys have been doing quite a few trips recently with their fans. First they had 2 cruises, then Nick did his birthday weekend in Vegas, now Howie is doing a full blown 10 day trip in Israel. 13-year old Laura never would've imagined this in her wildest dreams.

To Go or Not to Go?

I can’t tell you how much I wish I could do this trip; but at this point in time, it’s just not feasible. Cost is clearly the #1 inhibitor of me going. I swear that the ultimate goal of these boys is to completely wipe out my savings account. Plus I need slightly more than a week to come up with the $4,000 needed for this trip.

But another factor for me personally is that I’ve already been to Israel...twice. I've climbed up Masada, shopped on Ben Yehuda Street, floated in the Dead Sea, and took a jeep through the Golan Heights. I've even seen where Jesus is buried.  Thus as I look over the itinerary, it wouldn’t be my first choice of a location, simply because I’ve already done about 80% of the things on here before. And on that note, if anyone out there is considering this trip and has questions about what to expect with the Israel portion of it, feel free to contact me and I'll do my best to answer any questions.

The last reason why I'd be hesitant to do this trip is that it seems very Christian-focused and I’m not Christian. I’m afraid I wouldn’t really be able to get nearly as much out of it.

At least these are a few of the excuses I’m trying to tell myself so I don’t feel as bad about not being able to go. Deep down I know how absolutely amazing it would be to have that kind of experience with Howie and 100 other Backstreet fans. You’d get to spend 10 days with a Backstreet Boy. That’s unheard of! There's no doubt this trip be absolutely amazing.

Israel or Cruise?

I don't know about you all, but I can really only afford one of these big trips a year. At least until I decide to sell one of my kidneys. This year, it doesn’t seem like we’ll get a BSB cruise, thus I’m planning a 2 week trip to Europe. Just so conveniently happens to be when NKOTBSB will be there. Funny how that worked out, huh? But seeing as how I can only afford one of these trips a year, it made me think if I'd rather do an experience like this as opposed to the cruise. I honestly can't decide.

Why I'd Prefer to go to Israel with Howie over a cruise?
  • I assume something like this will be a lot more relaxing because you have so much more time with him. Unless Howie was anything like he was on the last cruise and that inner party animal comes out... in which case I couldn't last that long.
  • 10 days allows you a lot of time to develop some great friendships with the girls going on the trip. 
  • This is an experience you do WITH Howie as opposed to the cruise which I feel is more BSB doing it FOR the fans.
  • More intimate. 100 people vs 1000+ fans on the cruise
  • Get to see Howie in a totally different element. The cruise you're still seeing them do concerts and "performing" for us. This trip I bet you'll see more of Howie's non-BSB side, which I think would be really neat.
  • A more meaningful trip where I could see a ton of historically significant sites
Why I'd Prefer to go a cruise than Israel?
  • Get all 4 Backstreet Boys (well technically 5)
  • Its cheaper
  • A ton more convenient since I live on the east coast of the US
  • BSB 24/7. No where for them to go! Based on the itinerary outlined on the Israel trip, it doesnt seem like Howie will be with you every step of the way. Of course I could be wrong.
  • The activities on the cruise seem more fun. For example I think its more fun to watch the boys compete in a game show than stand in some ancient ruins with Howie. 
  • I'd have more friends going 
There's a tons of pros and cons to each, but I'm keeping it relatively simple. So I'm curious, anybody out there who reads this blog considering signing up for this? And if not, is there anything that could sway your mind?
  • Would you consider going if it were a different Backstreet Boy hosting the event? 
  • Or perhaps if all the Backstreet Boys were there? 
  • Maybe if it were a different destination?
  • Would you go if the group size was less? 
  • What about if it was maybe 25% cheaper?
  • If the timing was different?
  • The experience wasn't so religious focused?
I can honestly say with maybe one or more of these factors changing, I'd much more heavily consider it. 

Seeing Howie do something like this almost gets me thinking- what’s next? These trips just keep getting bigger and better. Before you know it, I'd be turning this blog into ‘Vacationing with the Backstreet Boys.’ That really has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

I also can't help but wonder if other boys might jump on the bandwagon and do a trip of their own. If Nick ever did anything like this in Europe, I probably would actually sell one of my kidneys to go. I better start savings just in case.


  1. I would absolutely do it 100% no questions ask if it were Brian hosting the trip. Not only is Brian my favorite Backstreet Boy, but he is the one who influenced me to become a was at one of his shows that God found a way into my heart. So not only would I be spending 10 days with Brian, but spending it in such a significant place based on my faith. Plus, this particular trip is just days before my birthday so if it were Brian in place of Howie, I would be putting down my $300 deposit and setting up the payment plan that is available....probably all before even asking my husband if it was okay.

  2. I would LOVE! to go, and Howie is not my 'favorite' member per say either. I think the trip to Israel itself and the exclusivity of the fan size are the main perks as well as it being with a BSB member. If it was to a different area such as Europe or Australia, I'd consider it more. Even if AJ did something like this, I don't know I could fully jump on board due to the circumstances of vacation and money sadly.

    If I had the days to take off and enough to feel like I could cover the trip and still have some in savings I'd do it hands down with Howie. I feel the next cruise announcement will come right before they'll leave, and if I were go on both I'd be stuck broke without vacation time again!

    So as much as I'd love to go, I'll save my money and hope for more solo tours from the boys until that next group album is dropped :)