Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I'm Taking Off - My Weekend with Nick

I'm taking a brief break from post-cruise wrap up to share my stories from Nick's I'm Taking Off tour. I'm so fortunate to have had the pleasure to go to 3 of Nick's concerts. Here's how they went down...

February 3, 2012 - Baltimore
I was incredibly nervous/excited/anxious for this show given that Nick's sister had passed away only three days prior. Especially since I had VIP for this show, I didn't have a clue as to what I would say to him or what kind of spirits he'd be in. I'm already incredibly nervous when I meet a Backstreet Boy, let alone under these set of circumstances.However I tried not to think too much about it and had a great time meeting up with all my friends.

Me and Amber anxiously awaiting to see Nick
We got to the venue super early, so we played the 'Hurry up and Wait' game for the next 7 hours. Don't you just love that game? I love that game just about as much as Justin Timberlake's voice. I find the whole general admission process just very stressful. But as soon as we were let into the sound check party all that anxiety melted away when Nick walked out on stage. During sound check Nick was reluctant to take off his hood. Here's why...

Nick's crazy hair during sound check
He informed us that his bus broke down, which apparently meant that he didn't have access to a brush either. The sound check went along smoothly with some fun questions and interactions from the crowd. He seemed to be doing well. Next up was the meet & greet portion of the VIP. No matter how many times I've met him before, I still get those butterflies in my tummy.

I inched my way closer and closer to my main squeeze, and some fans were trying to talk to me in line, but I couldn't really concentrate because I had to switch into 'meeting Backstreet mode'. Do all those last minute checks- hair, makeup, teeth, boobs, etc. You know, making sure everything was where it needed to be.

Then my precious 10 seconds came. I got my hug from Nick and we posed for our picture. Now I did get a chance to talk to him for a few seconds, but the topic is pretty embarrassing, so I'm reluctant to post it. So as long as you promise not to make fun of me, I suppose I can share.

Me and Nick
First you should know that I do play World of Warcraft. My boyfriend got me into it, not Nick. I swear. I don't play nearly as often as most, but when I found out Nick played, I wanted to join his guild. Which I did. Now that you have some background, our "conversation" was about just that. And I use the quotation marks because I still don't think those 10 seconds count as a full blown conversation. But its a start. I feel like I get better and better each time I meet them. Anyway, I told him that his guild misses him and he went on for a little bit about how he's been busy and wants to get back into it.

After the meet and greet, time for the show to begin. I was able to accomplish one of my life long Backstreet goals at this concert. Front row! Yes- the coveted front row. I was in total disbelief the whole time

Pic of Nick from the front row

I won't get into too many specifics of the show. I loved the set list and it was really nostalgic to hear some songs from his first record. My fave being- I Got You. That was such a treat to hear. Another favorite was Burning Up.

I Got You

I remember thinking at one point during the show that I miss him. He was standing like 3 feet in front of me and I still missed him. Is that possible? It's this insatiable desire and I just can't seem to get enough of him!

The Great Divide

Overall I think I was really nervous watching him because I wasn't sure how his performance would be impacted by Leslie's passing. I didn't let myself enjoy the show as much as I could've. But Nick's performance was great. He got a little choked up during Falling Down, but he did very well.

Another thing that completely shocked me about this concert is that even though I was front row, I wasn't pushed once. I was expecting to be black & blue (backstreet reference not intended) by the end from being pushed into the barrier. But the crowd was surprisingly calm and well-behaved. I wish it could always be like that.

I went home that night and don't think I got but maybe an hour of sleep, if that. I was too excited replaying all the events over the evening, and getting excited for my show the next day as well.

February 4, 2012 - Philly
Another fun-filled day of Nick antics was in store for this overcast Saturday. My partner in crime for the day was Kim, and we made the 2 hour trek up to Philly, listening to BSB  the whole way up. I love BSB road trips!

Kim and I at the Philly show
So before the show, we knew Nick was making an appearance at the local radio station. Even though we didn't have tickets, we figured it couldn't hurt to go check it out and stand-by in the event of any no-shows. That plan didn't pan out as we hoped, but we did get to see him come and go from the station. He did take a few pics with fans on the way out, but it was clear he was in a rush and reluctant to do any in the first place. So we didn't push him to do a pic. Just enjoyed being in his presence.

So at this point I experienced my most embarrassing Backstreet moment ever. Oh it was a doozy, thus I'm not going publish it. Maybe if you catch me drunk on the next cruise, I'll spill the beans. But until then, I'm going to fast forward ahead to the sound check party.

I had VIP again for the Philly show. Nick actually brushed his hair today, which was nice.I thought the fans asked some fun questions that day. They asked 'If you could create any iPhone app, what would it be?' His response was a very 'Nick' response...

"Man, it would be so cool if they had like a fart detector. And they had one. They had like several. They had like 10. And they're so funny."

Next on the agenda was the meet & greet. When I got up to the front, Nick's body guard, Mike recognized me. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. It could mean I'm one step closer to Nick recognizing me, or it could mean that Mike thinks I'm a crazy fan they need to keep an eye out for. Hopefully its the former. But Mike and I chatted for a bit before I met Nick again.

Today I didn't have anything planned to say to him. Just got my picture and I'm really happy with how it turned out.

I look drunk in this picture. Drunk off Nick!
After the meet & greet, time for the concert. I had probably 4th row or so. I felt a little less inhibited today because I knew Nick couldn't see me as well. So I let loose a bit more and belted out the songs.

I'd say my favorite part of the show was when he dedicated 'Falling Down' to Leslie. He told us to really pay attention to the words, and I did. I put away the camera, and just took in the moment. It was every special.

My other favorite part of the show was when he joked around that all we want to hear him talk about is sex.

I love how passionate he gets!
He looks so much like Aaron
Nick mid-Burning Up dance
After the show I finally was able to catch up with all my cruise girls. I wish we could've had more time to catch up but I think we were all tired, cold, and ready to go home.

Me and my girls

February 6, 2012 - Boston
This was a last minute-unexpected concert. I found out I had to be in Boston for work on the 7th, which in turn meant I had a free flight and hotel to see Nick. Couldn't get much better than that.

This concert almost didn’t happen though. After several hours of flight delays, I barely made it to the show. Luckily I got to the venue with 25 minutes to spare until Nick appeared on stage. Thus unfortunately meant I ended up standing in the back. Concerts simply aren’t as much fun when you’re further away and struggling to see. However Nick put on a spectacular show.

The neat thing about this concert was that Jonathan Knight was in the audience. He tweeted he was at the concert with his sister and word quickly spread throughout the venue. I know a few girls were able to go get a picture with him. I just didn’t want to miss any bit of Nick to do so. Jonathan did brush past me on the way out, but as he was doing so, he uttered to his sister, “Keep moving or we’ll never get out of here.” That told me he probably wasn’t going to stop for pictures.

Jonathan Knight watching Nick
I think this was my least favorite show of the 3 I attended. A couple reasons for that. First off, I didn’t have VIP.  I unfortunately think I’ve spoiled myself and the experience just isn’t the same when I can’t get a hug from Nick before the show. I also think the VIP pumps you up, and obviously extends the excitement to make it last a few hours longer.

Another reason why I didn’t enjoy this concert as much was because I was there by myself. Not sure if any of you readers are in the Boston area, but I travel up there a lot for business and need some Backstreet friends! Its definitely more fun when you can share the experience with someone. Otherwise I find that I feel self conscious about jumping up and down and screaming. Not sure why that is.

Lastly, I just feel that Nick put on a better show in Philly. Vocally, I think he was stronger.

I don’t want it to seem all negative- I had a blast. It’s really fun to see Nick in a city that I’ve never seen him in. My favorite performance of the night was The Great Divide. Love that song.

Nick singing his heart out

Overall I had a fantastic weekend. Got to see Nick perform three times and saw a ton of my friends. Plus I got a Backstreet fix that will have to hold me over for a while.


  1. I loved reading this blog! I'm glad you had an awesome time in Philly... wishing I would've planned it out better but I was so glad to least Baltimore!

    Also, did he change the words for Falling Down in Philly? Or just asked to listen closely?

    Thanks again for your hospitality :) and cute kiss from Nick!!


  2. Thanks!

    And yes, I believe he did change the words for Falling Down in Philly.

    Thanks for coming to visit! You're welcome anytime :)

  3. You are so lucky!! I wish Nick had come down to Texas to do a show, but no such luck :/ Maybe next time.