Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I talk a lot about meeting new friends on the cruise. This year especially, I think the cruise will be more about the friends you make than just the Backstreet Boys. Here are a few BSB related icebreakers you can try. I also thought it would be fitting to provide my answers so you can get to know more about me and my Backstreet related antics.

Who’s your Favorite BSB and why?
So my answer varies depending on when you ask me. To be honest I like them all for different reasons. But Nick has always been my favorite, maybe because he's the closest in age. But I like his sense of humor, that he’s young spirited and seems to be very fun-loving. But ironically in real life, I'd usually go for more the Kevin type- mature and responsible. AJ isnt too far behind Nick either, especially after the last cruise. I like that he’s really sensitive under all those tattoos and he’s just so sweet and great with the fans. I feel I could relate to him even if he wasn’t a Backstreet Boy and just ran into him on the street.
What’s the craziest thing you’ve done for the Backstreet Boys?
Does spending over $2,000 on a 4 day cruise count? I would say so. Aside from that the craziest thing though would be camping out for concert tickets to their Black and Blue tour in the middle of winter. I got so sick from that, and ironically we didnt end up using those tickets since we found better seats. But I was probably only 15 at the time so my dad had to sit in the car and watch us. I still owe him big time for putting up with all that. Side note- Thank goodness for the internet. Camping out for tickets is no fun.
Favorite album?
Millennium. This is when I really became a fan and I have such fond memories of that whole era. Plus the album is just amazing.
Favorite BSB song?
Depends on my mood but I would have to say ‘The One’. I also really enjoy AJ’s song ‘London'
Least favorite BSB song?
They’ve had a few tracks that I usually tend to skip over. ‘Don’t Disturb this Groove’- I just can’t take this song seriously. ‘Its True’- Don’t know why I don’t like it, but I cant remember the last time I actually made it to the end of that song.
Most memorable BSB moment?
I would say two moments stand out for me. I think its cheating to say the entire 2010 cruise (though its true) but more specifically it was during the Miami acoustic show meet and greet. That was really the first time I had ever met the Backstreet Boys. I had been dreaming of that moment for over a decade and it was everything I hoped for, no matter how chaotic and rushed.

I really find just about any excuse I can to post this picture, don't I?

My second favorite BSB moment is quite random, but you remember on the Black & Blue tour how the guys went out to a little mini stage in the middle of the crowd, and then a bridge came down from the ceiling where they would walk from the mini stage back to their main stage? So my friend and I had 12th row tickets to that show and when that bridge came down we were sooo close to them. That was the first time I really saw them so close in person, which is a night and day difference from the nosebleed seats. But what really made this memorable was that AJ sat down on the bridge right in front of us and he was so close that I could reach out and touch him. He sat there for a minute or two, I believe they were singing 'Time', and it just felt like all the other fans in the room disappeared and it was just him singing to me. I'll never forget that.

Which BSB has your favorite voice?
I know this is a weird question but I LOVE AJ’s raspy voice. *sigh* I can never get enough.

What made you become a fan?
I listened to their first album, when they were first becoming popular in the US. But what really converted me from just enjoying their music to becoming a true fan was during the millennium album release. I remember TRL played that same 2 hr special over and over and I was just hooked. Nick especially just drew me in. And then when my friend had an extra ticket to their show…I was done for.

Which BSB are you most like and why?
I’d say a mix of Howie and Kevin. I find I’m like Kevin in that I’m the responsible type who likes to plan everything out (as if that wasn’t already apparent from the amount of detail I’ve been going into with this cruise) Im also a business major and I guess they always joke that Howie is the business man.

Ok- that felt a little bit like I was interviewing myself haha. But, its my blog so I can do what I want :)

I’d love to hear your answers to these questions as well! Feel free to post under the comments section and share your stories. Plus then I’d feel less weird answering my own questions....

PS- Thank you Chrissy for giving me the idea for this post!


  1. laura this is a great idea!!! there is just too much info to put in the I'm totally gonna steal these questions and answer them on my blog!...haha!

  2. Hey Ashley- Go for it! I cant wait to see all your answers :)

  3. No problemo! When I get more time, I will post...even though you already know my answers....


    There's mine :)

  5. Bsb cruise;
    i just need to know if the fans have chance to talk and take pictures with them,thanks

    1. There will be an official meet & greet on the cruise where you will get to take a group picture with all of the guys and maybe a few seconds to say hi to each of them. That's the only guaranteed interaction you'll have.
      However there will be other opportunities around the ship to take pictures and such during some down time, but nothing guaranteed. It all about being in the right place at the right time and asking them for it if you see them.
      Hope that helps.