Sunday, October 16, 2011


Ever wonder what was on the Backstreet channel while you were out and about around the ship? It felt like every time I was in the cabin I saw the same 2 things on TV- The Oprah appearance or the Unbreakable concert. But in fact there were a ton of videos on constant loop. So in case you missed it while on board, here is a list of the majority of the videos playing on the Backstreet channel.

  • Larger than Life Music Video
  • More than That Music Video
  • Quit Playing Games Music Video
  • Shame of My Heart Music Video
  • Show me the Meaning Music Video
  • The Call Music Video
  • The One Music Video
  • We've Got it Going On Music Video
  • BSB making paper airplanes that have their autographs on them and flying them off their hotel balcony to fans below:

    Air Mail
  • Boys on a bus trying to go through a crowd of screaming girls. Appears to be from Unbreakable era in South America.
  • Boys eating dinner in Brazil where Howie revealed his favorite drink is guarana.
  • Brian in a bathrobe blowing out candles on his birthday cake.
  • San Juan Puerto Rico 2009. Shirtless backstreet boys on the beach.
  • "Indiana Nick" and the rest of the boys doing some sort of tour in a desert ruin.
  • Howie Webchat
  • Brian Webchat
  • BSB in some airport talking about how Justin threw up on the camera
  • Nick hanging out at the studio with the camera literally about 2 inches from his face. He then interviews Howie who said his wife picked out his jacket and he talks about sexy time with his wife.
  • The boys in South America laying on the floor while giving an interview. Taking about "their poops" all throughout South America (I cant make this stuff up, folks!)
  • Boys on the side of the road when their van broke down:

    The Bus Broke Down
  • Interviewing their security guard
  • Nick hiding in some room beneath a window sill and popping up and scaring anyone who walks by the window including AJ. Meanwhile Howie is just sitting on the sofa looking completely unamused.
  • Boys practicing for This is Us tour
  • Brief Interview
  • Clip of Everybody and Straight Through my Heart from This is Us tour
  • Brian and AJ jumping on the bed and hitting each other with pillows:

    To be or not to be a Stuntmen?
  • AJ webchat
  • Straight Through my Heart Music Video
  • Kevin and the boys on Oprah
  • This is Us Concert from Japan
  • NKOTBSB on American Music Awards
  • Inconsolable Music Video
  • Unbreakable Concert
  • Bigger Music Video
  • Private Sessions

I realized most of these videos can be found on the bsbofficial YouTube channel. I really enjoyed the fact that most all of their videos were from post-Unbreakable era. So lots of these things I hadn't really seen before. It will be interesting to see if they use the same DVD for this upcoming cruise, or they will update it with some NKOTBSB footage. Truthfully, I'm hoping for the latter.

I wish they would sell the DVD with these videos on it. Now that is something I would definitely buy!

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