Saturday, October 8, 2011

Events if I Were in Charge

We’re probably still a few weeks away from seeing the treasured itinerary. So in the meantime I’ve decided to come up with some of my own BSB inspired activities that I would put in the itinerary if I were in charge. And as you may or may not know, for the cruise they typically correlate the name of a song with a particular activity. For example the PDA photo session,  Everybody Feud, or She’s a Dream Dating Game. I think one of those title’s made sense, but personally I had a hard time seeing the correlation between most of the songs and their corresponding events. I also felt there were some events I may have added, changed, or even taken away.

So if I was running the show, here are some events you'd see in my itinerary:

Boys will be Boys Battle of the Sexes- I think doing a battle of the sexes competition with the Backstreet Boys would be absolutely hilarious! Imagine poor Brian’s face.

Anywhere for You Treasure Hunt- Imagine running around the ship trying to gather various BSB related items. I'm such a sucker for treasure hunts. I also think this would be good to do while the other group is doing their event with the boys.

Shape of my Heart Towel Animals- I want to learn how to make all those cute little critters. Then I can make a little parade of them in front of my cabin. Again, something to do while the other group has their event.

More than That Price is Right- I would be awful at the classic Bob Barker version, but if they had us guess the prices of BSB gear, I’d be good at that. I have PLENTY of firsthand experience in this category ;)

The Answer to our Life BSB Trivia Challenge- I still find it a glaring omission in the schedule not to have some sort of ultimate BSB trivia challenge just for the fans. The boys don’t even have to be there. Granted I’m a little rusty, but I think it would be fun.

Incomplete Name that Tune- I think we’d all be good at this if it was just Backstreet songs. They’d have to get into a lot of the unreleased stuff for it to be any sort of a challenge. Okay, maybe this would still be too easy. But then we can all feel special that we knew all the answers.

Just Want You to Know Who Wants to be a Millionaire- A different spoof on the ultimate BSB trivia challenge. I haven’t seen this show in years!  You remember when Howie and Kevin went on this show years ago?

Downpour Pool Games- Okay, this may just be my weak attempt at getting them to take their shirts off, but I think it would be fun to do various pool games similar to how they did various games on the beach last year. Same concept, but with more water and less shirts. And did I mention no shirts?

Weird World The Amazing Race- I love this show. Not sure exactly how they would take this to the high seas but I’m sure given enough time I could come up with some BSB game inspired by the show. For example they could do a roadblock where one member of your team has to go find the 1 door on the ship with some specific design. I’d have to noodle it some more, but I see something there.

If you Stay Survivor- I’d love to see the boys compete amongst themselves and with fans in crazy challenges. I wonder which boy would get voted off first? For some reason I want to say Nick though. We all know Howie would eat anything we put in front of him, so he’d probably stick around.

One in a Million Poker Tournament- We’ll see who can beat AJ. I’d love to play poker with him though!

Hey Mr. DJ Dance Class- This would be my top choice. I really think it would be amazing to have one or all of the Backstreet Boys teach us dance moves to their songs. I don't think I'd really be able to concentrate, but still.

What events would you pick if you were in charge? Doesn't necessarily have to be inspired by a Backstreet song.


  1. yesss! I need to go to all of these fictional events...I hope at least some of them come true!!!...a treasure hunt would be so much fun! so would downpour pool games...and if you stay survivor...and of course my number one choice is hey mr dj dance class!!!!! =)

  2. You are so freaking creative. I think you need to work for Rose Tours or BSB.....

  3. I would really love to have a treasure hunt!!! any way to suggest this to rose tours?