Monday, October 3, 2011

Various Cruise Announcements

Hot off the presses...several cruise announcements from the Backstreet Boys.


Are you guys ready for a jam-packed newsletter that's full of exciting announcements or what? Well, we sure hope so, because that's what we're giving you....

You all voted, and we are excited to announce that the winning theme for the prom is... A Night To Remember! Thank you for helping us decide on a great theme for this unforgettable night. Can't wait to see our Prom Queen all dolled up!!

And if you haven't already, go vote for a song in the set list poll now!

BSB wants you to pick the set list for the BSB cruise in December. What songs do you want to hear them perform on the high seas? You can pick any of the choices presented or add in the song you’ve been wanting to hear them perform. Remember, this night is for you, so let the boys know what you want to hear!

We are still working out the details of the pre-cruise party, but it will be a late evening event, so go ahead and get your travel arrangements booked.

Tickets for the cruise are still available! Rose Tours is willing to work out any type of payment plan that will help you experience your dream of sailing away with BSB, so give them a call today!:

Rose Tours
215.663.8800 | 888.491.7673

Lots of exciting info! We have our prom theme finalized- A Night to Remember. Really not sure how this will be relevant seeing as how the theme is so vague, but I'm excited nonetheless.

They also continued to remind us to vote for the cruise set list. So I for one intend to keep voting. I can't wait to see what they come up with! I've been voting for Song for the Unloved at least a few times a day. I'd love to hear that song live.

The most exciting thing is to see there is more promise of a pre-cruise event. Based on the fact that it will be a "late evening" tells me its probably an after party as opposed to a concert. But hopefully we'll get more details soon.

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