Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Kevin at the Beach Party

Well I woke up to a lovely surprise this morning. Kevin will be making a cameo appearance the beach party! Geez, and I really thought that all this Kevin talk was nothing but rumors.

In case you missed the announcement this morning on Ryan Seacrest, here is Kevin making the announcement:

Kevin will be joining us for the beach party!

A couple things I want to mention. First, I think this is the perfect way for Kevin to make a cameo. Anything beyond an appearance at the beach party, I personally think would've been too much. I assume he will be flying in to Nassau and meeting us there, just to perform a few songs. Similar to most of you, I haven't seen Kevin in years so I'm very excited to see him!

In the flurry of excitement hearing Kevin will be joining us, there is another important detail revealed from this statement. There will be a concert at the beach party. Does this mean we will be getting an additional concert on the beach- or is this our one and only concert? If this is our one and only concert, I'm curious to see how seating will be at the event. We will now have the entire ship at the show, thus doubling the crowds and potentially eliminating any seating chart that would've been established in the main lounge. I wish I had the answers for you, but just wanted to share a few thoughts that were running through my head at the moment.

One other unrelated announcement: If you are in the roommate match program, you should've received your roommate assignment yesterday. I hope everyone is happy with their new roommates!

Since I published this post, the Backstreet Boys have since clarified that there will not be a concert at the beach party and that Kevin will just be hanging out with us. 

@backstreetboys- "No...the concert is on the ship. Kevin is just hanging at the BEACH PARTY with all the fun games and stuff!"

I was definitely getting exciting for a beach concert, but I will gladly still take hanging out with Kevin on the beach. Can't wait to see those muscles, er I mean Kevin again ;)

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