Monday, October 3, 2011

Guest Appearances

Well there are a few rumors going around that maybe Kevin or even Donnie Wahlberg will be joining us for the cruise.

Before you get too excited, nothing has been confirmed. I assumed the rumors of Kevin were more so just fans hoping he will show up. I personally feel like there is less than a 1% chance of that actually happening. Meanwhile Donnie Wahlberg was at an event in Philadelphia the other night and announced that he will be making an appearance on the Backstreet Boy cruise in December. Nothing has been confirmed other than this supposed announcement.

I just wanted to share my opinion on the matter should Kevin or Donnie actually decide to join us on SS Backstreet this year.

I may get some hate mail for this, but truthfully, I’d prefer if Kevin didn’t come on the cruise. He hasn’t been an official member of the Backstreet Boys for over 5 years now. To me it is evident that he has moved on, so have the rest of the Backstreet Boys, and so should we as their fans. I look at his recent appearance on Oprah, and to me he just doesn’t have that same level of passion and dedication that he used to. Yes, it would be nice to see him make an appearance. But I start to think what it would be like if he actually participated in the events. For example, if he did the photo session, its going to throw everyone’s plans all off. We’re all planning for 4 boys and 8 girls; not 5 boys and 10 girls. Or if he were to join them for the concert on board. I think it would be weird to hear him sing their newer songs. Heck, he probably doesn’t even know their newer songs. Even events such as the Q&A would take on a different vibe by having him there.

I guess I would just be taken very off guard on the very rare chance he would show up. I’m psyching myself for 4 Backstreet Boys, not 5. And I think that’s evident in all my planning, door decorations, etc. To clarify, it’s not as if I wouldn’t be excited, it would just be very unexpected and I’d be very wary on how they’d approach all of the events.

As for Donnie, this wasn't even on my radar until he said something the other night about joining us on the boat. It came to me as quite a surprise and there does seem to be slightly more legitimacy to this claim since he did mention it himself. I'd actually be excited if he made a brief appearance, but I just don't want him overtaking the events. For example I'm cool if he wants to show up at a deck party or something but I don't want him up on stage during the Q&A. I guess the big difference between if Kevin or Donnie were to show up, its more clear that Donnie shouldn't participate in the main events because he was never a Backstreet Boy. I think with Kevin it would be more of a gray area since he was a Backstreet Boy and his role in the events wouldn't be as well defined.

So what do you guys think? Even though these are all just rumors, wow would you feel if Kevin and/or Donnie made a surprise appearance?


  1. I feel the same! I'm excited at the prospect of Donnie being there, but not Kevin. I keep thinking I should feel guilty, but I don't. They have a nice vibe & everyone has moved on. And (this is going to sound really harsh) in a way, Kevin would ruin it.

  2. I understand what ur sayin... But in my eyes and what I believe every Bsb fan should feel, is that no matter what Kevin decided to do... He is and will always be a backstreet boy, I will never not want him to be apart of something like this.... I'm not sayin he needs to be apart of the Q & A or the whole concert, but at the theme parties and a few older songs!!! That would be wonderful!!! But to say u don't want him there is wrong... This is not hate mail, I'm just posting my opinion!!!! :-)