Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat

I really try my best to make all the posts about cruising and how it relates to the backstreet boys. But occasionally I'll steer off track a bit and do a post on just one or the other. So today in honor of Halloween, I'm taking a little bit of a different approach. I wanted to help anyone who may still be in need of a costume. Here are some costume ideas inspired by the Backstreet Boys!

You can go as a werewolf- fangs and all.

Dracula. And I guess vampires are pretty 'in' right now.

Perhaps you can go as a mummy
Or some sort of reptile or Jekyll and Hyde like character. Who really knows what Kevin was thinking with this one.
Another option is a character from Phantom of the Opera.
Maybe you're feeling patriotic and can go as Uncle Sam.
Or dress as an elderly person.

Perhaps you can reuse those costumes from last year's masquerade party.
You could get in the holiday spirit early and dress as Santa.
Feeling powerful? Go as a marksman, basketball player, ninja, strong man, or someone with telepathic powers??
Whip out that 80's costume early and get double use out of it.
Throw on a kilt and be Scottish for the evening.
A prince or princess?
Take the athletic approach and go as a boxer...
...Or a baseball player.

Vampires again? Why so much vampire love? I just don't get it.
Robot/transformer like creature?
Not sure what costume inspiration you can take from this, but I'm sure there's something good in there.

 Happy Halloween!

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