Monday, November 14, 2011

Backstreet Cruise Living

Ever wonder what a Backstreet Cruise magazine would look like? Wonder no more! Here's what I envision it looking like:

Backstreet Cruise Living

I realize the font is a little difficult to read so here are all the headlines:
  • Selling BSB Memorabilia to Fund the Cruise: Learning How to Part With Your Howie Action Figure
  • Brian's SHOCKING Reveal of his Favorite Towel Animal!
  • Slutty or Cute PJs? Take this quiz and find out which approach you should take!
  • Bodyguards, Schmodyguards: How to Successfully Follow Nick to the Bathroom
  • "I was on the top bunk and didn't hear a thing.": One fan reveals her traumatic experience of how she slept through AJ knocking on her cabin door.
  • Top Ramen Recipes: Eating on a Budget Until December
  • Bonus! 34 tips on How to Deal with Post Cruise Depression
  • 1,037 ways to convince your husband to let you cruise!

And a few other headlines that didn't quite fit on the magazine cover:
  • AJ to hold Private Concert in Lido Buffet: Myth of Fiction?
  • Real Life Story: One Fan Copes with her Door Decoration Idea Being Leaked to the Public
  • 40 Strangest Places to Wake Up After an Amazing Night Out With the Boys
  • Best Body Part to Have Autographed: We Surveyed 100 Cruisers
  • Top 10 Secrets to Ensure you Stand Next to your Fave Boy for the Picture
  • Are Fans on Deck 5 Crazier than Fans on Deck 4?
  • The Painful Truth about Being on a Ship 99% Full of Females
  • What to Do if you Run into a Backstreet Boy While Wearing a Life Jacket

It would be cool if such magazine actually existed. I'd certainly buy it!

Actually, as I was coming up with these headlines, I was laughing to myself that I could probably come up with articles to correspond to each of these. Perhaps you'll see some of these "fake" headlines become an actual post in the future.

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  1. wow! this is so funny!!! now i want to read all of these "articles"...haha!!! =)