Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Early vs Late Dining

Odds are most of you have already figured out what time you want to have your dinner. But in the event you haven’t, here are a few ways to figure out which may be better suited for you. If you select early dining, you will be eating around 6:30, and if you select late dining you can expect to eat around 8:15.

You should choose early dining if:

  • You are traveling with children who are used to eating earlier
  • You are used to eating earlier
  • You plan on going to bed early
  • You don’t want to go to bed feeling full
  • You would rather spend more time after dinner enjoying the casino, lounges, or other areas on board

You should choose late dining if:

  • You’re a night owl
  • You don’t mind finishing dinner at 10pm
  • You do not want to be rushed during our time at Nassau, giving you more time to spend in port
  • You like to indulge in a late afternoon nap
  • You are used to eating later
  • You like to enjoy a leisurely dinner and coffee at the end of your meal

The Backstreet Boy cruise will be a lot different than your normal cruise. But in general you will find families and elderly people opt for the earlier seating. Additionally you could expect to see more Americans choose the early seating while Europeans and South Americans who are accustomed to eating later, will go with late seating. The last thing to note is that the late seating is considered to be a little bit more romantic because it is less rushed than the early seating.

As an FYI for you new cruisers, last year the Backstreet Boys ate with the fans during the late seating. As I've mentioned before, I doubt they will be eating with us again just due to their hectic schedule. But you never know. This is merely my speculation.

I also want to point out that you do not have to choose either dining option if you'd rather skip it. It is your vacation and no one is forcing you to eat against your will. You can always order room service or do a quick dinner at the buffet. But you'll find most people do eat dinner in the main dining room.

I'm sure you are at the edge of your seat wanting to know what I have selected. Personally I have opted for late seating, mostly for the reasons listed above. But also because I feel like I'm so full from eating a larger breakfast, lunch, and extra snacks that I'm not ready to eat dinner at 6:30. I've always been one to choose late seating, regardless of whether or not its a Backstreet Boys cruise.

Happy eating!

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