Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pre-Cruise Event at Cameo

Well it's finally been announced that we will be having our pre-cruise event at Cameo Club in Miami Beach.

Join us for the official Backstreet Boys Pre Cruise party taking place at Cameo in Miami Beach. Tickets start at just $25.00 meet and greet packages at $175. Tickets go on sale this coming Thursday at 10AM PST time right here on backstreetboys.com

After hearing the news I'm excited that we finally have some concrete details to plan around. It's hard not to be excited with any announcement involving me getting to see the Backstreet Boys. Though I have to admit I'm definitely not as thrilled as I was last year with the acoustic show. Plus $175 for a meet and greet is a lot of money. I'll probably cave and end up buying it because I usually do, but at this point I'm still debating. Seeing as how its an after party, I was worried that not all four boys would be there but Marquis Group tweeted that they would all be there. Otherwise I would be really upset if I paid $175 and it wasn't a picture with all four Backstreet Boys. Another way to look at this is it's significantly cheaper than a gold VIP package on tour, which also guarantees a solo picture with all four boys.

One other thing I want to point out is I have no idea how early girls are going to get there because it seems to be a general admission event. If last year's event was any indication of what to expect this year, I imagine girls will get there early. Personally I don't want to stand around hours in Miami this year, I'd rather go explore the city or rest up for the cruise. Just something else you might want to think about.

My biggest hesitation is that I've never had great experiences at after parties. I always seem to get stepped on, beer spilled all over me, yelled at, pushed, etc. The ratio of uncomfortableness to BSB activity is lower than I would typically like to go. See exhibit A. Generally I prefer events that fall above that red line.

Exhibit A

Sorry, I'm at work and at least had to make it look like I'm working somewhat- thus a pretty graph. But basically I'm willing to put up with all a lot more unpleasantries such as being squished like a sardine at a concert knowing I'll get lots of BSB at the end. But as I'm becoming more of an adult, sometimes I have to step back and really think if its worth 5 hours in the rain to hear them sing one song.

But back to the after party in Miami, overall I know I'd regret not going more than I would regret going and not having a good time. So more likely than not, you'll see me there.


  1. i completely agree with your graph...but when i first saw it all i could think about was HIMYM and barney's crazy hot scale with the vicki mendoza curve...haha!!!!!

  2. Don't mean to correct <3 but you've said after party a few times and it's a pre-event. Not sure if it's because that's just the feel and vibe you get from these things and that's why you're calling it that, but just wanted to make sure :)

  3. Ash- Haha, thats exactly where i got the inspiration for that!

    Anon- Thanks for pointing that out! I think I'm so used to it being an after party that I goofed :P