Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Free BSB Giveaway at Cabin M46

Having a fabulous time at Disney!! Wish you were all here with me so we could take over Disney and spread the BSB love to Pluto and the gang. I’m so happy I was able to check in, because I almost forgot to tell you guys something important! Well, really it’s a shameless plug for my door, but nonetheless still important. Yes, you read the title correctly. My roommates and I have a free little BSB-related goodie for you outside our cabin- M46 on deck 5 forward. Unfortunately I can’t give you any hints as to what it is, but hopefully I’ve piqued your interest enough. Muhaha. So come grab a Free BSB Souvenir and say hi while you’re there!

~Laura, Chrissy & Cory

PS- Can you tell I've had too much Disney excitement over the last 5 days?!

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