Saturday, November 26, 2011

To Infinity and Beyond

Well my loyal readers, today is the day I leave for Orlando. I can’t believe that the bags are packed and I’m finally leaving!

Here’s a quick schedule of my whereabouts over the next week assuming we don’t veer of schedule too much:

Saturday, Nov 26th- In a few hours…Universal Studios drinking some butterbeer in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Followed by delightful Cuban cuisine at Gloria Estefan’s Bongos.

Butterbeer- Have to give this a try
Sunday, Nov 27th- In the morning you can find me eating breakfast with Lilo & Stitch at the Polynesian Resort. Later in the day I will be somewhere on the grounds of Epcot. Odds are that I will be shoving my face with some delightful international food at one of the restaurants in the world pavilion. I also anticipate spending more time than normal at the Norway pavilion because last time I was there it was full of a bunch of Nick clones: gorgeous blond-haired, blue-eyed men.

Can't wait to go inside this!
Monday, Nov 28th- I will be frolicking down main street with Mickey and Minnie at the Magic Kingdom. And maybe swing through Toon Town USA in the off chance for spotting Brian or Howie with their sons. In the evening I hope to be sitting in front of Cinderella’s castle while watching the electrical parade followed by fireworks spectacular.

My goal is to get a picture with one of these princesses

Tuesday Nov 29th- Trying to not lose my lunch on the Tower of Terror in Hollywood Studios. And by night time watching the Osborne family spectacle of dancing lights.

Better to lose my lunch on this than on a Backstreet Boy

Wednesday, Nov 30th
- Exploring the Kilimanjaro safaris at Disney’s Animal Kingdom during the day and then getting my nails done in prep for the cruise and hitting up Downtown Disney for what I hope to be a low key evening. Gotta save some of my energy.

I really hope I see some monkeys on the safari

Thursday, Dec 1st-  Jamming to some BSB on our 4 hour drive from Orlando to Florida.

Friday, Dec 2nd- Boarding SS Backstreet!

SS Backstreet
Saturday, Dec 3rd – Cruising with BSB!

Sunday, Dec 4th- Cruising with BSB!

Monday, Dec 5th- Savoring the last hours of the cruise then rush to catch my 10:35 flight. Go home and sleep for 20 hours straight until I have to go to work on Tuesday.

If you happen to be going to Disney/Universal any of the same days- email me!! Let’s meet up if we can.

If you’re not going to Disney/Universal but want to reach me before the cruise, well, still email me in that scenario too.

If you want to reach me while on the cruise, well, it’s not going to be easy. I plan on turning my cell phone off pretty much the entire time. So I’ll be in cabin M46 (deck 5) if you want to come say hi. Or if you see me roaming around, also feel free to stop me and say hi.

I’ll try to check back in before the cruise, but no promises. I wish everyone safe travels to Miami!

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