Friday, November 11, 2011

VIP Tables at Cameo

First I want to give you all an update. I am going to the pre-cruise party at Cameo and I have to thank my lovely roommate, Chrissy, for scoring VIP tickets for me as well. I’m very excited and an now scrambling to find another outfit for that.

Over the past few days there has also been a lot of buzz about getting a VIP table at the club with bottle service. Here’s some high level info for you to help you decide:

  • There are two 15-person tables ON the stage which cost $5,000 each. There is a 3 bottle minimum. Admission, tax and gratuities are separate. 
  • There are other tables near the stage that hold 15 people as well. These also have a 3 bottle minimum thus you can expect to pay at least $825.
  • There are smaller tables further from the stage that hold 4 people and its only a 1 bottle minimum thus you can expect to pay at least $275.
There is a long list of types of drinks they have. Just know the bottles range in price from $275-$700; and champagnes range from $40-$5,000.

From what I understand tables are booking up. If you are interested you can email them or give them a call at (786) 235-5800 to make a reservation.

Cameo Nightclub
I've never done a VIP table before so I have limited information on this topic. I also am not a big club person, nor a big drinker so I personally have no desire to partake in this. If you do decide to reserve a table, just know that this VIP is completely separate from the Backstreet Boys. It only has to do with the club. Thus the only thing you can be guaranteed of is that you will most likely be closer to the Backstreet Boys.

Since I wouldn’t drink my monies worth, I would expect to get that value from being closer to the Backstreet Boys. However there is absolutely no guarantee of any interaction with them. None. So they could sit and hang out with me all night or not even come over. It’s completely a gamble and a gamble that I really don’t want to take. If I wont the lottery tomorrow, I might sing a different tune, but until them I’ll stick with general admission.

Though even if I did have the extra money I would probably put it towards a different BSB activity. I would rather go to additional concerts,  get a platinum VIP, even travel to Europe for NKOTBSB shows, or upgrade my cabin on the cruise. I just get more enjoyment out of that than drinking at a club.

Meanwhile I also want to try my best to get to bad early that night because I know I have to save energy for the cruise, which is where the real party will be happening!

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  1. So what was their interaction with the people at the tables??