Thursday, October 21, 2010

Acoustic Show in Miami

300 lucky fans, myself included, will be attending the acoustic show in Miami the night before the cruise on December 8th. I’ve never been to an acoustic show or such an intimate fan event before so I’m very excited. I was also lucky enough to get the meet and greet option, which will be my first time meeting them (except Howie) Here is the announcement from the fan club in case you missed it:


Miami Acoustic Fan Event

The long-awaited Miami Fan Event is finally going to happen on Wednesday, December 8th at the Byron Carlyle Theater in Miami Beach!!! You heard it here first!
For those of you who attended the Napa Fan Event or the NYC Fan Event earlier this year, this Acoustic Fan Event is going to be the Miami equivalent of those shows. There will be an intimate, acoustic performance from the guys, a Q&A, and last but not least, a M&G and group photo taken.
This event will go on sale on Friday, October 1st at 10am PST to Fan Club members only. This is a LIMITED SEATING event, so act fast.
Tickets will be $199 which includes all of the above (performance, Q&A, M&G etc). This is a General Admission Event.


The Byron Carlyle theater is located at
500 71st St., Miami Beach, FL 33140

I went to Miami taxi fare finder and if you are staying at the Holiday Inn- you can expect around a $32 cab ride. If you are staying at the Marriott- you can expect about a $30 cab ride. If you happen to be renting a car (which I'll be doing) parking is free after 6:00.

Waiting in Line
Good ole general admission....always translates into lots of waiting around. I anticipate the lines will form early, but it also sounds like there are many who are going to forgo waiting in line to explore Miami. The venue is small, so all seats will be good, however there isn't much in Miami that I particularly wanted to do. So I will probably head to the venue once I get settled into the hotel and grab a bite to eat. I'm also looking forward to meeting people and line and getting to know my roommates better before the event.

The Fun Part
While the email doesn’t give too many specifics, I’ve spoken to a few girls who attended the New York acoustic show and they gave me a better sense of what to expect. While we are not guaranteed the events will be identical, it should give us a good sense.

I was actually surprised to hear that the fans were quite cordial, perhaps because it is such a small venue. Let’s hope this will be true of the Miami event as well. I was also told that there was no opening act, and when they came out (on Backstreet time of course) they would alternate between songs and taking questions from the audience. Each guy would then select someone at random from the audience to take a question.

After the concert portion, those girls who had the meet and greet option were given a special bracelet and would get in line for the pictures. As they made their way through the line, the security guards would then collect the bracelet so that you couldn’t get back in line for another picture. I also gathered that security complicated things by throwing extra people into pictures at the last minute. I’ve already spoken to the girls I’m rooming with we’ve established who we each want to stand next to. But I’m also going in with the mindset that we’ll need to stay flexible.

Then arrives the moment I’ve been waiting for…for a good 10 years…finally being able to meet the Backstreet Boys! I’m so excited at the thought that these next 48 days can’t go by fast enough. A few tips and things to expect:
  • Plan out your entire outfit. The pictures will be full body shots so keep this in mind when deciding what to wear.
  • If you plan on getting in line early, you may want to bring a change of clothes. That way you can wear something comfortable in line and not risk ruining your outfit by getting it dirty before the concert
  • Supposedly you get hugs from all of the guys *sigh* Let’s hope they do this in Miami.
  • Think about what you want to say. Again, I’ve had 10 years to think, so let’s hope I don’t mess this up. I was also told that you have to be slightly assertive on this, as the guys will not strike up a conversation with you. But if you make the effort, you will get your small amount of time.
Does anyone else have any tips that have met them before?

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