Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fun Times

I asked my brother if he had any tips for cruisers. His only tip was to read the Fun Times. Thus I thought I would do a post about just that.

What is the Fun Times?

The Fun Times is a daily itinerary Carnival offers that includes all important information about the ship and current activities for the day.

Where can you find the Fun Times?

It can be found at the concierge desk in the main atrium, in most of the lounges, or it will be delivered to your stateroom every night.

What kind of information can be found in the Fun Times?

Today's Top Ten- A list of the top 10 activities going on that day on board.

Get Your Groove On- A list of all the places and times you will find live music. And we get to have the Backstreet Boys added to this section!

Hit the Jackpot- Highlights any gambling events such as a poker tournament or special prizes in the casino.

Carnival Youth Experience- If you're bringing kids, this will provide a snapshot of their activities.

Get in on the Act- As the name suggests, this will identify activites that you can participate in such as a scavenger hunt.

Plan on It - For you organized cruisers, this sections includes all the important locations on board where you can make reservations whether it be the shore excursion desk or the spa.

Shop to It- Like shopping? This will point out all shopping opportunities, specials, hours, and locations.

For Your Information- More key information which will have details about the medical center, guest services, smoking areas, deck chairs, cell phone service, internet access etc.

Open Times- Consolidated list of all the key areas on the ship with their respective hours of operation

All Kinds of Deliciousness- My personal favorite section of the Fun Times. All your dining options! And what makes this section better is that its a half a page long.

Have a Great Time- My other favorite section because it provides a list of ALL the activities for the day. I always take a look at this and plan out what I'd like to do.

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