Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I decided to start this blog because I needed somewhere to channel all of my excitement and the massive amounts of information I've gathered in one place. I LOVE cruising and I LOVE the Backstreet Boys so when from the moment there was even speculation of this cruise occurring, I knew I had to be on that ship. So while this blog may be starting 7 months after the cruise was I am!

I've been on probably 7 or 8 cruises over the years, so I look forward to sharing my experiences and tips with those who have never been on a cruise before. I also am incredibly fortunate that my brother works for Carnival, and just so happens to be working on the Carnival Destiny as part of the entertainment staff. Ok, so there may have been some coaxing on my part for that to happen, but hes indicated that the Destiny is his best ship yet.

Stay tuned....

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