Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cruise Concert

One of the things I’m most looking forward about this cruise is the concert!

At this point, we unfortunately don’t have too much information about it. I would love to see the ‘This is Us’ tour again, but I also wouldn’t mind seeing something new. However if I had to guess, I would assume they would do some iteration of the This is Us show. Otherwise it wouldn’t make sense to come up with all new dance routines etc. As I said, I'd be thrilled to see 'This is Us' again because that means we get an appearance from Prince Brian lol.

On a semi-related thought, I'm very interested to see how they handle performing on a moving ship because the regular cruise dancers have learned to work while encountering rough seas. Not that I expect crazy seas, but sometimes it enough to make me sway just sitting in my seat, let alone dancing. Hopefully it won't be an issue.

So what I CAN tell you is that the concert will take place in the Palladium Lounge and supposedly we have assigned seats. The first 6 rows will be going to those who purchased suites, followed up by reservation numbers in order. From what I understand, reservation numbers start at 1000 and go up from there. Keeping in mind that there may be multiple people per reservation number, and that people could have since canceled. Either way it could shift your spot in the lounge for the better or worse. I'm just happy we do have assigned seats to avoid waiting for a good spot the whole day. I'll already be doing that for the acoustic show anyway :)

I’m very fortunate with a reservation number of 1007! Woot Woot! Thus I’m anticipating being in the 7th row. I asked my bro to take a picture of my view:

While not front row, I certainly can’t complain. My ultimate goal is to be front row at one of their shows, not necessarily on the cruise though. I’ve been close, but can’t say I’ve obtained those elusive front row tickets yet.

Hopefully we'll get some more info soon!

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