Sunday, October 24, 2010

Watching Your Weight on the Cruise

As I’m struggling to lose these last 10 pounds before we set sail, I thought it would be a good time to do a post on how to watch your weight on the cruise. It can be quite difficult to make healthy decisions; after all, you’re on vacation and want to have a good time. However by making a few healthier choices, it will help ease that inevitable regret once you get home.

I like to take advantage of the beautiful view and fresh air by going for a jog on the promenade deck. By jog, I really mean a brisk walk, but in my head it still counts. I would recommend going as the sunsets because not only will it be a little cooler but also because of the breathtaking view. If you’re more ambitious than I, perhaps you can go for the sunrise as well.

Rather than eating all of your meals at the buffet, try going to the main dining room instead. This will help with portion control since it’s not quite as extensive as the buffet. The other benefit of eating at the main dining room is that you will be eating slower as your meals are served in courses. This will cause you to feel fuller more quickly, and thus eat less. There will also be healthy options on the menu that are designated by a Spa Carnival symbol, which are lower in calories and fat. Check out more on special diets on the Carnival website.

Try grabbing some fruit for dessert to satisfy that sweet craving. There is so much fresh fruit available that it becomes a much easier choice to make. Though I must admit, the chocolate melting cake is to die for, so I recommend indulging at least once on that :)

The main problem that I face is that there is so much food available everywhere you turn, and all day long. While I don’t advise eating 6 meals a day, grabbing a light snack of fruit or yogurt before a larger meal will prevent you from overeating at that meal. Better to fill up on something healthy.

If you go to the buffet, scope out the entire room first and then decide what you want. I then like to grab a dessert plate because they are smaller, and thus I will put less food on them. And don’t forget to put some veggies on the plate!

Cruises generally have really nice gym facilities and a plethora of classes to take. I like trying a new class that I generally can’t do at home. It’s a great way to try something different and keep the workout fresh.

My motto on a cruise or outside of one is that I would I would rather eat my calories than drink them. Thus the majority of what I drink is water and the occasional lemonade. All those sodas and cocktails will add up on the calorie count and you won’t even realize it.

If all else fails, maybe the idea of running into a Backstreet Boy at the gym and watching him lift weights will get me motivated enough to actually work out... Yup that will do the trick.

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