Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Theme Nights

Theme nights were just recently announced:


Thursday, December 9th- INTERNATIONAL LUV NIGHT
Away, Internationally, Away, Eh….
We are all going AWAY together on a four night adventure. Let’s start the cruise off right by celebrating us all coming together from around the world and showing off your Country pride with flags, Tshirts, Countries colors, etc. Let’s see how each country represents!

Friday, December 10th- MASQUERADE NIGHT
It’s a Masquerade, A Love Parade, So wont you stay and dance with me…
Let’s dress up and dance the night away at our Masquerade ball – feathers, beads and lots of fun!
So all you solider boys and beauty queens better be ready to lose control!
Don’t forget to bring your mask!

Sunday, December 12thBLACK AND BLUE PARTY
You were there from the start! We know who you are…and this one goes out to you!


I’m thrilled with the themes and how they all relate back to the Backstreet Boys. From what I understand, Masquerade night will take place the same night as formal night. Though theoretically you can change into anything you want after dinner.

Another thing to keep in mind when planning these outfits is that I imagine they will take place on the lido deck. At night when the sun goes down and the wind picks up, it can be quite chilly. I plan on incorporating either a shawl or sweater to keep warm for all of these outfits.

I’m most excited to see what the guys end up doing, particularly for the Masquerade night. Perhaps we’ll see AJ as we saw him back in old days:

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