Sunday, November 6, 2011

9 Common Pitfalls to Avoid

There are a few things you should look out for in order to fully enjoy your vacation. Here are a few common pitfalls you should watch out for based on my own experiences and other horror stories I’ve heard.
  1. Travel with someone who is incompatible. Even though this person may be your best friend, if you have different ideas about what you want to take away from this cruise, it will make a miserable vacation for the both of you.

  2. Stay in your cabin the whole time. My parents would always tease me for staying in the cabin and watching TV. But you can do that at home. Go out and make every second count! This especially holds true on our Backstreet cruise.

  3. Not putting on sunscreen. You’re in the Caribbean and the sun will be powerful. You don’t want to be a nice lobster color for your picture with the boys.

  4. Go unprepared. Make sure you pack everything you need while you will be away. You can always buy new toiletries or get a new shirt, but if you forgot your passport or medication, you’re toast.

  5. Exceed your budget. You can do just fine on board without spending any extra money, but there are opportunities and temptations around every corner for extra spending. Casino, shopping, specialty restaurants, excursions and more. Plan out your budget and stick to it.

  6. Overpack. While this is a tough thing to balance with Pitfall #4, its all about being efficient. Don’t overestimate the size of these cabins. They are cozy. Pack just what you need and you will be fine. And this pitfall is in honor of one of my lovely cabin mates. You know who you are ;)

  7. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Not everything will be perfect. You’re not going to love every morsel of food you put in your mouth and you may run into issues where your toilet will temporarily not flush (yes this does happen) But if you focus on these unimportant details, you are going to make yourself and people around you miserable.

  8. Don’t travel the day of the cruise if you can avoid it. There’s just too much that can go wrong and its not worth it. Trust me.

  9. Remember that this is your vacation, not a BSB stalkfest. I promise you that you will enjoy the cruise significantly more if you enjoy the beautiful scenery, food, swimming, music, activities, drinks, etc rather than camping outside of Nick’s room for hours just to catch a glimpse of him.


  1. chrissy,
    i promise you that i will have more stuff with me than you will!!...i am the biggest overpacker ever!...haha!!!

  2. LOL I think overpacking is hard NOT to do. I end up not using half of it. But as I learned from my recent Vegas trip where my shoes BROKE and I only had one spare ... yeah I'll just continue my overpacking. I had to buy new shoes.