Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Advice on Door Decorations from the Judge Herself

I have some insight from the judge herself on what she looks for when it comes to the door decorations. The judge, as you probably could have guessed, is a Rose Tours employee. People go all out with the doors and each one is more creative than the last. Some even rigged buttons to their door that played music when you pushed them! However she said that the ones that catch her eyes are the spoofs. For example, on the Rick Springfield cruise this morning, someone did a ‘Rickopoly’ while another door was themed with a Star Wars spoof. After walking down the halls, she will narrow it down to the top 10. At that point they select a winner. Unfortunately she wouldn’t disclose what the prize is, but she said it was a good prize and that’s all I need to know!

After hearing this advice, I’m wondering if I should switch my game plan. With only 3 weeks left, I’m already pretty set on my idea and not sure if I’d have the time to come up with something that creative. But sometimes I surprise myself... perhaps I can whip something up.

Meanwhile this Rose Tours employee also shared that Rick Springfield does eat in the main dining room with everyone else. Not that the Backstreet Boys will necessarily be the same, but a girl can dream! She also indicated that the Backstreet Boys cruise is sold out with 1300 people coming. 90 are coming from Japan, and they even have their own interpreter coming. Another 30 people are coming from Brazil. Thus people truly are coming from all over the world which should make International Luv night really spectacular.

Not to be pessimistic here, but I have to point out that this is yet another discrepancy between the official cruise website and what the Rose Tours staff is saying. It seems like you can still get tickets from the website but they are when you speak to them they say the cruise is sold out. Maybe the website just isn’t updated… Perhaps I should bring my resume in hopes that they can hire me to maintain their websites.


  1. oh im nervous about door dec...its too late to turn back now cause im almost done...i can only hope for the best!!

  2. this made me nervouse too! but i think i'll just stick with my original game plan and have fun with it. i'm not expecting to win anything but ya never know!