Monday, November 15, 2010

Live Update from the Destiny

Rick Springfield is doing a half charter cruise this week, also run by Rose Tours. Thus I'm hoping we will be able to get more information as the week progresses on what to expect with our BSB cruise.

There's definitely a lot of excitement on board with the banners and everyone walking around in their Rick Springfield T-shirts, CDs, posters and other paraphernalia. It’s funny, among all the planning I’ve done with my outfits it never occurred to me to bring a BSB t-shirt. So obvious, yet somehow I missed it.

So far I've got a little bit of information on how the registration process works. After embarkation, we proceed to the main dining room where Rose Tours is set up for registration. There we will get our wrist bands and other important information for the trip.

Guests are either given gray or black wristbands, which they must wear the entire cruise. The black ones have a letter A on it and the gray ones have a letter B on it. The events are basically split down the middle. The A’s get the lower level for half the events while the B’s get the lower level for the other half. Then the other group gets the balcony seats. Pretty fair way of doing things. Guests started lining up right after boat drill (90 minutes before show). But, as there are 4 entrances (2 A and 2 B), none of the lines are that long. Maybe like 50 people in each one 30 minutes prior to show. I'm going to psyche myself for waiting at least 60 minutes prior to each BSB event. Doors open 30 minutes before show so it shouldn't be too bad at all...I've done a lot worse over the years! So far I'm not sure if the seats actually have numbers on them, but I'm assuming it will be more more like zoned seating. Let’s hope this minimizes confusion and the inevitable crowds.

There was also a small group (~20 people) who apparently won a promotion and were awarded front row seats. They were in a separate line next to the library. I hope the Backstreet Boys have a similar front row promo that we could win. That would be fantastic!

I've also gathered that many of the regularly scheduled Carnival events are still taking place, just shifted around to accommodate the group. Last thing for now is that the welcome aboard brochure is very nice and that it looks like something you would buy at a concert. Its really impressive and professional looking...and I sure hope it would be for the amount of money we're spending!

I’m hoping to have more info soon…

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  1. just reading this blog is making me get butterflies in my stomach! i can't believe we're only 3 weeks away!