Friday, November 26, 2010

Rules and Policies

Lots of information was provided in the email that was sent a few days ago. I’m still trying to take it all in.

I also thought it was interesting they made a point to say no autographs. This didn’t upset me all that much as an autograph is never something I’ve really wanted. If I did have the chance to run into a Backstreet Boy, I'd much prefer a picture or hug. If I wanted an autograph, I could always buy it on ebay or something. I’ve always felt a picture with them is more personal.

Photo Sessions
While I was hoping the groups would be smaller; I can’t be too upset with 8 people per picture. If they did individual pictures it would take them all day, which would probably translate into one less event. So I get it. I’m just hoping it’s not too chaotic to form groups, particularly with the division amongst the wristband groups. I am happy that they’re doing this on the last day. It should give us all time to meet some new friends, and perhaps have an opportunity to grab pictures with some of the Backstreet Boys elsewhere on the ship. That very well may change my mind on who I want to stand next to.

Rose Tours specifies that there is no videotaping at the events, but I’m wondering how strict they will be enforcing that. The last thing I need is my camera taken away, but I wouldn’t mind a few videos. But I’m happy you can bring cameras to all other events, I will be taking lots of pictures. I’m kind of scared at exactly how many pictures I will probably end up taking. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if I end up coming back with over 1,000 pictures…

First off- seating in the dining room. Looks like we’ll be spread across 2 different dining rooms, one of which will be reserved seating and the other will be open. I wonder how they determine which dining room you will be in. I usually liked assigned seating so you get to know your waiter and table-mates better, but I wouldn’t mind meeting trying open seating as well. It could be a nice chance to meet some new people. I guess the big question, which dining room, if any, will BSB be in? I’d be pretty bummed if I was in the opposite dining room.

There’s also seating in the Palladium lounge for all of our events. I’m happy to see it in writing that seats are assigned and they even tell you not to wait in line before the event. This will free up so much extra time and reduce my stress level significantly. I’m also happy to hear that seats are indeed based on time of reservation as I was lucky enough to get #1007! So if you’re near me, feel free to come say hi. The only thing I don’t think is fair about this system is if we get the same seats for all the events. I almost feel they should switch it up so that everyone gets a chance to sit in the front. But truthfully, the theater is small enough that all the seats are good seats.

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